Verdict: Movie fanatics, these seven tales are mind-boggling and realistic.

Rishab Shetty’s highly awaited movie Katha Sangama is finally here with happening stories that would make you think over and over again. The set of seven short films with different stories and characters is a tribute to late Puttanna Kanagal who is known for his relevant stories that portrayed culture, language, rituals, people and regionality. Apart from Rishab, Kiranraj, Shashi Kumar P, Rahul PK, Chandrajith Belliappa, Jai Shankar, Karan Ananth and Jamadagni Manoj present these stories with a unique theme. Besides, a perfectly handpicked cast leaves you mesmerized with the stories they have to tell.

What’s Katha Sangma About:

Katha Sangama begins with a cute little story titled ‘Rainbow Land’, where a little girl wants to visit a land filled with rainbows. The story deals with emotions represented through colors and happiness. The second film ‘When Magic Gets Real’ revolves around the last day of a man at work who spent his entire life in a government office. It narrates how things could have turned different if he had listened to his heart. The third story ‘Girgitle’ is a bit trippy where a man relives his life and tries to mend his situation. The fourth story ‘Utthara is worth bringing your hands together as the plot questions our judgments and rights. The fifth story ‘Paduvarahalli’ is set in the pre-Independence era and portrays the minds of two Indians – one who is a revolutionary and the other who serves the British. The sixth story is creepy, breathtaking and yet relieving as ‘Sagara Sangama’ tells the story of a woman whose car breaks down in an isolated place. The last story ‘Lachavva’ is about a woman who travels from Hubli to Bangalore with her son and loses her way back home. It deals with themes like fear, motherhood, love, and humanity.

What Works:

Each story of Katha Sangama works in a different way. The themes and plots of these seven stories are different from one another, yet they all talk about human nature. The conceptualization of each story is unique and the actors justify it. We are shown each story from the eyes of their characters. Paduvarahalli’s story gives us an insight into what the people went through during the freedom struggle. It doesn’t put forth the limitations of either side, rather it projects the burden of duty that everyone tries to follow in order to survive. The geographical location of each movie is set in and around Karnataka. The accent of the countryside is beautifully adapted in Girgitle. The story brings forth a bit of magical realism, leaving us all with messed-up thoughts. Utthara, on the other hand, forces us to question ourselves, our judgment and raises the issue of social media. The last two stories are the most relatable as they raise concerns about women’s safety. It authentically portrays the feelings a woman goes through when surrounded by unwanted, dreary and accidental situations. These stories leave you with shivers and relieve you in the end.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The only problem that you would find with Katha Sangama is the lack of time to relate to each character. This is universal with every anthology film so calling it a problem would be unfair. Otherwise, the movie is a mixture of sugar, spice and everything nice.

Why You Should Watch:

For those who are into creative and art films, Katha Sangama is a movie fest. Each story has life, purity, seriousness, and complexity. Watch it to experience a range of emotions.

By Anagha Nair