Verdict: Kavacha has been perfectly adapted to suit the Kannadiga audience.

The much-awaited Kannada movie of the year is finally in the theatres and the director GVR Vasu has sewn the plot to fit his audience with the help of the producer MVV Satyanarayana and the cinematographer Rahul Shrivatsav. The movie has none other than the century star Dr. Shiva Rajkumar in the lead role with supporting characters enacted by actors like Isha Koppikar, Kruthika Jayakumar, Jayaprakash V, and Baby Meenakshi.

What’s Kavacha About:

Kavacha is the story of Jayaram (Shiva Rajkumar) who seems to be invisible and weak as he is visually impaired but proves to be the true hero every now and then. The story is based on the Malayalam blockbuster Oppam. Although the story is adapted, the script and the situations have been modified in order to suit the Kannadiga audience. The plot launches with a scene where a serial killer Vasudeva (Vasishta N. Simha) is on the run, planning to avenge his downfall. His next victim is ex-judge (Jayaprakash V) and his daughter Nandini (Baby Meenakshi). Meanwhile, policewoman Gouri (Isha Koppikar) is also in search of the psychopath. Jayaram witnesses a grave crime and can identify the culprit only if the people in power support him. Jayaram makes it a point to shield and protect the little girl Nandini. The truth of the plot is a mystery that remains a suspense until the climax.

What Works:

The cinematography has beautifully achieved its goal by embroidering scenes and shots that fall in place with the music adding more to the character’s problems, conditions, and feelings. Apart from that, Shiva Rajkumar has done tremendously well by playing a nuanced character of a visually challenged man. Not to forget that Vasishta N. Simha has also equally challenged the hero and awed the spectators with his portrayal of a villain. He has astoundingly brought the negative character to life with his remarkable performance. The filmmakers have undoubtedly done a good job with the given script and managed to make it entertaining for the target audience.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Kavacha needs you to suspend your disbelief in places to enjoy the film properly. Also, some humor seems to have lost in translation.

Why You Should Watch:

Kavacha explores the extremes that a plot can go to and how the story can be rewritten in different ways to capture the viewers. It makes for a good weekend watch.

– By Anagha Nair