Verdict: Yash-starrer KGF is as thrilling and entertaining as the trailers promised.

After all the long wait and high expectations, KGF is finally out in the theatres. Released in five languages and set in the 70s, this period movie narrates the story of the famous Kolar Gold Fields aka KGF.

What’s KGF About:

KGF has a dramatic opening that talks about how the protagonist Rocky (Yash) and the Kolar Gold Fields were meant to be part of each other’s destinies. The first half revolves around Rocky’s coming of age where he evolves as an underworld don of Mumbai from an underdog slum dweller. Having tasted the worst of poverty and dealing with his mother’s tragic death, Rocky wants to conquer the world. He is in search of power and glory, and his willpower to attain them makes him fearless. Rocky rules Mumbai but somehow the power and glory aren’t enough for him. He is then brought to Bengaluru with a mission to kill the man who controls the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), Garuda played by Ramachandra Raju. A mission that everyone has, Rocky takes it up to prove his power, and sets off to the dangerous mining fields of Kolar. But what follows from a thirst for only glory and fame, gradually turns into Rocky becoming a hope for the helpless and oppressed slaves working in KGF.

What Works:

Rocky has a well-constructed plot. A period movie comes with its own advantages and director Prashanth Neel exploits the possibilities of a historical concept to its best. By shedding light into the political disputes around KGF, Prashanth adds a lot of conviction to the plot. The characters are vividly portrayed with everyone getting their share of stylized punch dialogues. A very interesting history, politics, action, drama, humor, item songs and a tinge of romance are all stitched together making KGF a complete package.

All being said, what works best for KGF is Yash’s enthralling performance. In the first half, Rocky as a local hero whose sensibilities and ideals are only influenced by his need for power comes out in a humongous fashion. In the second half, Yash’s dialogue deliveries and action sequences are sure to give you goosebumps.

What Could’ve Been Better:

KGF may seem like a lengthy film to many. There is some overdone styling for the villains for creating a terrorizing impact. Having said that, all the open-ended streaks of KGF may serve as a potential mounting for the upcoming second part of the movie.

Why You Should Watch:

KGF is technically flawless, graphically delightful, and is absolute cinematic brilliance. Backed with a strong plot and perfect casting, KGF is sure to make its mark in Indian cinema.