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Krishna Rukku: Film Review – One more Winner for Krishna

Verdict: A film for Ajay and Amulya fans.

The Krishna series has been doing very well and Ajay Rao has much to be proud of. Following Krishnan Love Story (2010), Krishnan Marriage Story (2011) and Krishna Leela (2015), Krishna Rukku continues with the rom-com style of narrative, avec all the requisite Kannada masala flavours.
Loosely based on Telugu super-hit Uyyala Jampala (2013), Krishna Rukku is however not an exact replica of the original, but instead a Kannada retelling of the same story. The film has been beautifully adapted to Kannada sensibilities.
Krishna Rukku - BookMyShow
The narrative being placed in a rural backdrop, the film seems tailored to Ajay Rao’s acting style. Elements from the previous movies can be seen during the whole film and a sense of déjà vu might also occur.
Amulya being paired up with Ajay for such a film might have been the best idea yet and, she can easily be Krishnan’s best heroine (so far). She is her usual bubbly self and plays her role very well.
The plot is adorable and returns to the well-tried neighbours become lovers – a South-Indian staple. Krishna and Rukku grow up as neighbors and live most of their lives quarreling over silly things. Krishna does not realize Rukku is the girl meant for him. Drama ensues…eventually they end up together.
The audience seems to love the movie, with giggles and several collective sighs resonating through the theatre at appropriate moments. Maybe, the film is a relief from the insane and unbelievable action-packed fare that is the current favorite theme in Sandalwood. Some love amid all the fighting might just make this film last longer in theatres.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
A great watch for Ajay and Amulya fans. Nothing new really, in terms of content, but sometimes the tried-and-tested approach is the most comforting. Krishna Rukku is a nice hot delicious serving of ragi muddé.
–By L Romal M Singh