Verdict: Kurukshetra is a feast for Darshan fans.

Munirathna’s Kurukshetra hogged the limelight for all the right reasons. The filmmaker takes pride in bringing a first-of-its-kind 3-D mythological movie to the pan-Indian audience. It is indeed a proud moment for the Kannada Industry to attempt this genre on such a huge canvas. With an ensemble cast that includes the likes of Darshan, Arjun Sarja, Ravichandran, Nikhil Gowda, Late Ambareesh and many more, let’s see what awaits the viewers in this visual feast.

What’s Kurukshetra About:

Munirathna’s Kurukshetra is an adaption of the legendary epic Mahabharatha, but narrated by the Kaurava Prince Duryodhana (Darshan). Throughout the process of depicting the rise and fall of Duryodhana, this mythological movie captures the essence of Karna’s (Arjun Sarja) character and his friendship with the Kaurava prince. One also gets to see the infamous Draupadi (Sneha) incident and the subsequent revenge episodes, Abhimanyu’s (Nikhil Gowda) daring yet failed Chakravyuha sequence, Bheema (Danish Akhtar) and Duryodahana’s ferocious gadha fight and many more interesting events from the epic. To sum up what Munirathna’s Kurukshetra is all about, it revolves around how Duryodhana is considered as one of the greatest warriors but ends up meeting an unpleasant death camouflaged with manipulation and backstabbing.

What Works:

The stellar cast is the highlight of Munirathna’s Kurukshetra. Director Naganna must be commended for pulling off a mythological movie of such a huge scale. Even though it is adapted from a famous text, the film’s screenplay is another big asset. J.K. Bharavi’s writing needs special mention here. V. Harikrishna’s music adds more emotion to the story and Jayanan Vincent’s cinematography brings life to this mythological marvel. Harsha’s editing must be applauded for having said this story in a span of three hours.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While Kurukshetra is definitely a well-made movie, the 3-D graphics do not seem to be at par with what we see in cinema today, especially in Hollywood. Given the technological advancements and budget of this film, we expected a little more. Nevertheless, you don’t miss the sheen the movie carries in its entirety.

Why You Should Watch:

Being the world’s first 3-D Indian mythological movie, what better reason do we need to watch Kurukshetra in theatres? This is indeed a proud moment for all Kannadigas and inspires filmmakers in every industry to take risks in cinema. There will be many movies made in this genre in the future, but Kurukshetra will definitely go down as the one that set a benchmark.