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Natasaarvabhowma: Film Review – A Horror Thriller Massively Captained by Power Star

Verdict: A novel concept that sets the perfect platform for the acting prowess of Puneeth Rajkumar.

Natasaarvabhowma is an action-packed horror thriller that stars Puneeth Rajkumar, Rachita Ram, and Anupama Parameswaran in lead roles. Directed by Pawan Wadeyar and produced by Rockline Venkatesh, Natasaarvabhowma has a strong supporting cast including Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, P. Ravishankar, and Srinivasa Murthy. The film is the first 2019 release of Puneeth Rajkumar, and also it is his first attempt in the horror genre. The film’s music has been composed by D. Imman and cinematography has been done by Vaidy S.

What’s Natasaarvabhowma About:

The film begins with Gagan Dixit (Puneet Rajkumar), a reputed journalist, moving to Bangalore to take on new challenges within his journalistic expeditions. He, along with his friend Keshav (Chikkanna), rents a house that is known to be haunted. Gagan is an atheist and does not believe in spirits and ghosts and hence rents the place. The plot soon shifts to when Gagan crosses his paths with the Central Minister Ghanashyam (P. Ravishankar). The horror element picks up at Gagan’s house in the parallel track, and soon the plot connects all the dissociated dots – Gagan, Ghanashyam, and the ghost.

What Works:

What works best for Natasaarvabhowma are the recurring and unexpected twists in the plot. What begins as a normal and peaceful setting immediately escalates to a haunted house, followed by politics, revenge stories, and social issues, with romance and laughter, sprinkled here and there to retain the fun factor. However, the plot remains the backbone of the film, and the narration beautifully captures the essence of the plot. The bigger credit undoubtedly goes to the star cast. Puneeth Rajkumar owns all his scenes with exceptional conviction, especially in the horror sections. He delivers his usual share of comedy, action, romance, and valiant heroism. Anupama Parameswaran does a brilliant job despite her short screen time. She looks ravishing in her bold and beautiful looks, and her grace and poise are admirable. Anupama’s role is a crucial one in the film and her magical and enticing screen presence wins a lot of points for the film. There are some beautiful picturesque scenes of Puneeth and Anupama shot in Kolkatta, and their chemistry is adorable.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film could’ve been much better without the avoidable jump scares and horror tropes. The first half does not reveal much about the horror storyline, but luckily, the second half makes up for all the awaited suspense.

Why You Should Watch:

Natasaarvabhowma is a horror treat served with delicious drama, salty revenge, super tasty comedy, and sweet romance. The gothic elements in this revenge-based horror story is something new for the Sandalwood lovers to chew on. There is absolutely no reason to miss this engaging and intriguing film and could be more than a one-time watch.