Verdict: Promotes Kannada language and music by casting a spell on love.

Guru Deshpande‘s masala movie Paddehuli is out with its tiger banner to charm the audience with novel music by B. Ajaneesh Loknath. In collaboration with the producer Ramesh Reddy, the movie advances in screenplay, plot, and action. It elevates to the next level with a promising debut by Kannada producer K Manju‘s son Shreyas Manju. We also see Kirik Party actor Rakshit Shetty doing a cameo. Lastly, the movie pays homage to late matinee idols Vishnuvardhan, Rajkumar and others.


Paddehuli is the story of a young aspiring musician who wants to become a rockstar. The movie embarks on Sampath’s life, focussing on his incredible musical abilities. Years later, we see a grown-up Sampath (Shreyas Manju) moving to college for his engineering degree. Initially, he faces plenty of issues as a fresher to eventually become the star of his college. He is in love with his childhood classmate Sangeeta (Nishvika Naidu), with whom he has an on-and-off relationship until her grandfather (Madhusudhan Rao) threatens to drive them apart for good. Sampath works hard on music day and night, while expecting his parents to support him emotionally and financially. His father (V. Ravichandran) bestows him with a year’s time to excel in his gift. Whether the future yields him what he yearns is a question unanswered until the end of the story.


For a debut, Shreyas has done a remarkable job with his character. His acting hits the expectations with dance moves that are crisp and synchronizing and action sequences that are breathtaking and comical at the same time. The movie endorses Kannada language and music, as a whole. In addition to which, B. Ajaneesh Loknath succeeds in his experimentation by imbibing Kannada rap songs and Kannada-western fusion music. There has been a special focus on reintroducing folk songs as well. A peppy background throughout the movie gives a scenic color to college life and Sampath’s struggling phase. It exemplifies the harsh realities of life via a chronological plot. Rakshit Shetty, Chikkanna, and V Ravichandran play strong roles in developing the movement of the plot. Furthermore, the movie advertises the cons of social media to showcase talent and achieve popularity, as well as the role of parents in supporting their kids to achieve what they aspire.


The storyline includes a few characters that are unnecessary to the plot, which by itself can be a little disengaging and draggy at times. The scenic distortions that lead to some rifts in the plot could have been reduced. The director could have depicted the story a tad better with firm shots and a crisp screenplay.


Paddehuli is for all Kannada audiences who enjoy conventional masala movies. The movie engulfs you with colorful songs, rhythmic dance sequences, flexible action, endless drama, and timely comedy. Not just that, it will awe you with cameos by various stellar actors.

– Anagha Nair