Jo samjha wohi sikandar, phrase coined by a Government-run campaign gives one an understanding of a very elusive issue.The mascot of the campaign was righteously helmed to be a Parrot.

Parrot, a bird that keeps on chirping till it wears itself out, it mimics and tricks you. It can make you laugh and also has the capability to make you cry. Parrot, a favored pet bird has all these qualities and much more. The word Popat, a Marathi word for parrot has a meaning beyond simply being a bird. The Mumbaiya usage of the word teaches that to you and so does Satish Rajwade’s film Popat.

Set in Maharashtra’s spicy city Kolhapur, the story is about three young boys from a village called Kulpe who get on a fun ride to unveil the meaning of the word Popat in the true sense. Balya, Raghya and Mukya along with Janya take up this project. The film shows how four varied talents come together to make a film, the story of which is stemmed from one of the Government-run awareness programs. The film portrays the dubious mentality of the society and its unwillingness to accept what is. Rajwade gives a grave message through this film in a very subtle way.

The film has a rustic feeling spread all over and shows the wonderful transition of emotions. It is not an ordinary story that one will watch to pass time. It is a rare comedy on life and society. It is through Janya, Raghya, Mukya and Balya and the acting skills of Atul Kulkarni, Amey Wagh, Ketan and Siddharth that the film attains a level of magnificence. Satish’s story and direction both must be lauded as his attempt at creating a perfect informative entertainment is successfully achieved. Although the songs are less likely to appease the audience yet the flaw can be foregone looking at the film’s story.

Atul Kulkarni greets the audience in a never-seen-before role of that of a happy-go-lucky person. Amey Wagh of Aiyyaa-fame maintains a chocolate boy image. Ketan Pawar’s (of Shala fame) character looks like his acting abilities are stereotyped to being a school boy (although in this film he has graduated to college). But shedding his chocolate boy look, Siddharth emerges as a potential protege of method acting. The film puts forth an unacceptable concept but makes you accept it leaving its rib-tickling impressions behind.

With this film, Satish Rajwade countrifies himself as a storyteller shedding his urban skin.

The film’s topic, ups the stature of Marathi cinema. If a film like Balak Palak taught one to converse with children about sensitive issues, this film shall teach them to converse with themselves about yet another tender issue.

With Duniyadari, 72 miles and now, Popat, this film is a sure hattrick for the Marathi film industry. Films like these should be taken to the grassroot levels and need to be hailed as Janhith main jaari!

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