Verdict: Experience hallucination through the Popcorn Monkey Tiger’s fantastic visuals.

After Tagaru’s incredible appreciation, Duniya Soori is back with Popcorn Monkey Tiger. With this production, Sudhir KM has brought us Soori’s brainchild to us, with unique concepts that are novel for the Kannadiga movie audience. With unconventional promotion activities, Duniya Suri has dazed us with Charan Raj’s music and a cast of lesser known but talented artists like Rekha, Sudhi, Naveen, Gowtham, Allu, Nikhil, Nagraj, Sapthami Gowda, Amrutha Iyengar, Monisha Nadgir, among others.

What’s Popcorn Monkey Tiger About:

The title Popcorn Monkey Tiger signifies the characters on screen. The story has an ambiguous interference of two characters, starting with Tiger Seena (Dhananjay) who is leading a regular life as a mechanic. He gets embroiled in an incident, which he was never supposed to be a part of. Meanwhile, Devika (Niveditha), who sells popcorn, is dragged into an unintentional crime plot. After being released from jail, she is left to face the atrocities of life that change her entire perspective about men. The collision of these two characters from each phase of life has its own story that is complex and intriguing.

What Works:

The film celebrates the essence of places like Mumbai, Udupi, Mangaluru, Mysuru, Gokak, and more, in a nouveau manner. Soori is known for portraying dark and complex lives of people from the lower strata of society. Soori’s movie follows the theme of struggle, violence, drug and alcohol culture, hallucination, complexities and people and this film is no different. If you look closely, Dhananjay’s character is just a slight deviation from his role in Tagaru. Also, the female characters are shown powerful enough to change the fate of a man. For the background they come from, Devika, Girija, and Nandini are independent and practical for their age. They are vocal about what they want and they feel strongly about it. The story captures the nuances of the characters as well as the situations through finer details, which makes the film a lot more satisfying. The story is designed to bewitch us with hallucinating experiences and that is captured beautifully. From the first scene to last, the plot is interlinked to several other subplots that are revealed only in the end.

What Could’ve Been Better:

A lot of parts cannot be ignored where women are objectified and are expected to please men. Amidst all that, Devi comes out with flying colours.

Why You Should Watch:

A quick heads-up – this is a movie for people who have a taste for gore comparable to Game of Thrones. There is murder, love, action, and comedy. This plays and complicates our human mind to an extent where there is no way out until the end. Explore this creative gem, exclusively handmade for you by Duniya Soori.

– By Anagha Nair