Verdict: Gurunandan and Naresh Kumar’s collaborative work seems like a match made in heaven. 

After the success of 1st Rank Raju, the lead actor Gurunandan and the director Naresh Kumar collaborate to give us Raju Kannada Medium, a story about a village boy who decides to make something of himself and comes to Bangalore in search of work, money and everything the city can possibly offer. With multiple characters throughout the film, the storyline focuses on the lead and his character development influenced by these various characters. 

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What is Raju Kannada Medium about:

The film is about Raju Srivastav (Gurunandan) an extremely naive young boy who is from the villages of Malnad. He finds himself in a fix after the death of his father and becomes responsible for his family. He then goes to Bangalore to find a job and faces many hurdles that the city puts him through. He builds his business under the mentorship of Deepak  Chakravarthy (Kiccha Sudeep). He eventually falls in love with Nisha (Avantika Shetty). The film takes a strange turn owing to an unfortunate event during the second half of the film. The manager played by Sadhu Kokila delivers a hilarious performance. Rapper Chandan Shetty also gives a cameo in one of the songs!

What works:

The film is made with utmost modesty and all the characters are shown with simplicity and that’s the beauty of it. The film primarily talks about human relations and the importance of family, friends, love, and career. The film talks about the circle of life and all encounters of life for a young man and the moral conflict that he faces. One of the best parts of the film is Kichha Sudeep’s cameo as a rich businessman and a mentor for Gurunandan. His acting and style are always single-handedly the best of the best. The locations for the shots in the film were absolutely brilliant and were breathtakingly beautiful. 

What could have been better:

The lead’s character is pretty much the only focus in the story. There were multiple characters and the viewers would have loved to see more of their involvement as well. A few of the jokes were sub-par. 

Why you should watch this film:

This film talks about life and is a wonderful reminder of the importance of life and family. We suggest you go watch this wonderful film and have a good time with your family and friends this weekend! 

– Nikita Fernandes