Verdict: Political story and stunts make this movie thoroughly enjoyable.

Buckle up for this action thriller movie envisioned by the stunt director Ravi Varma. Ravi Varma is a renowned name in the Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil film industries. He has made his mark by aesthetically capturing intense stunts and actions. With super duo producers Jayanna and Bhogendra, this hotshot movie is everything the audience wants. The movie stars Dr. Shiva Rajkumar, Vivek Oberoi, Shraddha Srinath, Mayuri Kyatari and J. Mahendran and is as impeccable and exciting as it looks in the trailer.

What’s Rustum About:

Rustum is the story of a police officer who prefers carrying out encounters with criminals than sparing them, where they can commit more crimes. The movie begins with the scene of an IAS officer who goes missing and ACP Abhishek Bharghav aka Rustum (Shiva Rajkumar) is in charge of unraveling the story for us. Along with his family, he moves to Bangalore to investigate the case closely. He understands that a strong political hand is involved in this mishap and a lot of lives are at stake. The political game as complex as it is, Abhishek uses his life philosophy, intelligence and strength to explore the truth and to destroy the bad men in power.

What works:

Interestingly, the idea of showing sketches at the start acts as a crucial part in understanding the story. This sequence deserves a nice pat on the back for all those involved in the sound effects and stunts. No one can surpass the level of creativity in the fight scenes and stunts that Ravi Varma brings to all of his movies. His research in building the suspense to introduce the hero to the plot is commendable. Also, Vivek Oberoi has a crucial role to play in the movie. His character of the strong police officer adds to the story later in the film. The dialogues are something that the audience can enjoy, both in Kannada and Hindi. Sharp dialogues like “arrest bole toh allergy, encounter bole toh energy”, will definitely become well loved amongst the Kannadiga fans. The cinema also showcases the dirty, brutal politics and unending corruption that’s prevalent. Apart from these, the hip-hop number by Shiva Rajumar has the potential to go viral. The cast as a whole is the contributing factor for the movie’s success along with its unmatchable story, Shiva Rajkumar and Vivek Oberoi’s stunts, J. Mahendran’s negative character, and Mayuri Kyatari’s unmissed presence.

What could have been Better?

The movie is an absolute box-office hit but doesn’t shed much light on the female characters. The story moves in a slow pace but manages to keep up the entertainment and excitement. A few concepts like encounter and poor police system seem slightly exaggerated. Otherwise, this is a mass movie, which you’ll enjoy thoroughly.

Why you should watch the movie:

A movie that is a complete package with the perfect music, item numbers, a flawless story with a good balance of fun and serious elements, and is worth your money. It is a one-time offer that you must not refuse. For Shiva Rajkumar’s fans, this is an opportunity to watch him kick the rowdies’ butts. Also, you have no choice but to whistle when he makes them fear the law enforcement officers in uniform.

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Anagha Nair