Verdict: Anant Nag enthralls his audience with his quirky humor.

After the enormous success of Kirik Party, Rishab Shetty showcases his directorial skills in Sarkari. Hi. Pra. Shale Kasaragodu, Koduge : Ramanna Rai. With a cast of aspiring young actors as well as veteran icons like Anant Nag, this film is based on real-life statistics on the number of government Kannada medium schools forced to shut down due to the mandatory inclusion of other languages in the curriculum.

What’s Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu about:

The film starts in a Government run school, with the rural backdrop of Kasaragod, where everything seems to be functioning as planned. We are introduced to Praveena (Ranjan), who is repeating the seventh grade for the third time alongside his crush Pallavi. All seems to be going well until a notice from the Kerala Government arrives stating that the school is to be shut down due to the shortage of attendance.

The parents show no interest in protesting against the government order, so it’s up to the students themselves to save their school. As for Praveena, this notice hurts the most as his crush Pallavi is forced to continue her education in Mangalore. In order to save their school, the students travel to Mysore to meet with an expert yet a cynical activist Ananta Padmanabha (Anant Nag) to represent them in the court and speak for their cause.

What Works:

The biggest attraction in the film is Anant Nag’s quirky acting style. He cynically meanders about the plot by adding his humor and finesse to it. The children have put up an exceptional performance while Pramod Shetty and Prakash Thuminad manage to keep the audience laughing with their constant flow of funny dialogues. The music by Vasuki Vaibhav in this film is delightful. Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu also showcases the natural beauty of Kasaragodu and the ancient traditions of the land.

What Could Have Been Better:

The second half seems to wander off a little from the plot and the comedy seems a bit out of place at times. Apart from these minor issues, this movie is a must watch.

Why You Should Watch:

As we approach a modern era, more students prefer to study in English medium schools than in vernacular medium schools. If this continues, our future generations will have forgotten the heritage and the legacy of our Kannada literature. This film fluently portrays the struggles of government schools and their pleas for preserving the ancient culture of Karnataka. Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu is an enjoyable film so make sure you watch it with your entire family.