Verdict: Yuvaraja Nikhil Kumar’s film strikes the right chords with its punching dialogues and crafty action.

After his remarkable debut in Jaguar, Nikhil Kumar is back with yet another action-packed family entertainer. Seetharama Kalyana discusses some relevant socio-political issues prevalent in our society. Directed by A Harsha and produced under the banner of Channambika Films, the film sets a wonderful start to 2019 for Sandalwood lovers. The film boasts of a star cast that includes Rachita Ram, Ravi Shankar, Sarathkumar, Madhoo, Bhagyashree, Chikkanna, Nayana, and Sanjay Kapoor.

What’s Seetharama Kalyana About:

Arya (Nikhil Kumar) is a young man who lives in Bangalore. He is fun and jovial and at the same time empathetic towards the problems of people around him. He is an urban chap with a rich Dad, yet sensitive to everyone’s concerns. He meets Geetha (Rachita Ram) at a marriage function and both are instantly attracted to each other. What follows is a bunch of attempts Arya makes to woo Geetha, which she reciprocates subtly. Soon Geetha moves to Bangalore for higher studies, paving the way for their romance to bloom. The plot takes a twist when Arya and Geetha’s family histories are revealed. The film also throws light into a number of social issues and makes some strong political statements. The first half is all about romance and laughter, while the second half focuses on revenge stories, political dramas, and action.

What Works:

Seetharama Kalyana is a mass film that entertains you with an interesting plot. The setting is always colorful with groovy dance numbers and hilarious comedy scenes. The film stands out for its action sequences shot in perfect style. Seetharama Kalyana is a star-studded affair with vibrant and extravagant settings. Nikhil Kumar takes on the audience with his massive style quotient and delivers consistency throughout the film. Rachita Ram fits perfectly in her role sweeping all hearts with her cute charm. Nikhil and Rachita’s on-screen chemistry works out beautifully. Sarath Kumar does his usual clap-worthy performance, and the reel father-son duo is a delight to watch. Chikkanna’s comedy scenes are another highlight of the film as he takes on the comedy element like a boss.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Once the twist is revealed, the plot of Seetharama Kalyana becomes highly predictable. It follows the usual Romeo and Juliet format where two lovers belonging to rival families try to fight for their love. There are some lengthy scenes in the first half that could be avoided as they do not add relevancy to the second part of the film. The narration pace can sometimes be slow and the plot gets slightly chaotic towards the end.

Why You Should Watch:

Seetharama Kalyana is definitely worth a watch for its grand heroic scenes and heart-wrenching family drama. It strikes a fine balance between all the elements of a fun-filled commercial film. Everything about it is grand – from entries to action, to the celebrations. Seetharama Kalyana is undoubtedly a magnificent watch.