Accalaimed filmmaker Joshiy is back. This time with Avatharam starring Dileep. Even though it revolves around the same old plotline, it proves to be entertaining.

Avatharam is the story of a simple young man, Madhavan Mahadevan (Dileep). He shifts to Ernakulam city from a village in Idukki to take care of his deceased elder brother’s (Ganesh) family. As he concludes his brother’s affairs, he realizes that his brother’s death was not a mere accident. In fact it was a planned murder. And what follows is his revenge saga against every single person involved.

The director-actor team has offered several mass entertainers before, including Lion & Twenty:20. Speaking about the Avatharam, the story is a run-of-the-mill affair. The same plot-line where the hero avenges his personal loss but without the consequences. Like any other typical Mollywood venture, Avatharam has its share of emotions, drama, action and comedy. In short, it is the same old wine packed in the same old bottle.

The first-half of the movie is slow due to the introduction of characters and for the plot to develop. The whole story evolves and gains pace in the second-half. Trust me, even if you enter the theatre post-interval, you’ll be well-versed with the story-line. The script has been infused with several twist and turns. But unfortunately, each development is predictable.

The lead actor, Dileep has pulled off the film solely on his talent. Had it not been for him, the movie would have gone unnoticed. Lakshmi Menon portrayed the character of Manimeghala, a smart yet naive female. Though her screen presence was limited to few scenes, she was just above average. The other actor that stood out in film was Shammi Thilakan as Inspector Jeevan, a corrupt cop. Also Sijoy Varghese as ACP Gautham, has done a commendable job. The cast included several other talented actors like Joy Mathew, Valsala Menon, Kalabhavan Shajon to name a few. Watching them in Avatharam you feel that their caliber has been wasted.

The film suffers from some major flaws. The music and background score of the film is composed by Deepak Dev who has done an average work. R D Rajasekhar’s cinematography has nothing new to offer to the audience, visually. Avatharam could have been a worthy watch had the editor, Shyam Sasidharan, removed all the unwanted scenes. Another major flaw was the inclusion of several unwanted characters in the plot. None of them contributed to the story.

Keeping everything aside, Avatharam is definitely meant for all the Dileep fans who want their share of suspense, comedy, action, thriller and romance.

Why should you watch this film?

If you enjoy a mass entertainer flick, then Avatharam is definitely for you. It is not a the film for a new-generation fanatic or anyone who loves intellectual cinema. Some advice for all who wish to watch Avatharam this weekend: please leave your brain (logic) at home before heading to the theatre. Do so if you want to enjoy the next 167 minutes of your life.

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