Verdict: A film that makes you a little nostalgic.

Aneesh Anwar's fourth film has just released. Basheerinte Premalekhanam is jointly written by Shinod, Shamseer and Bibin. The film has been produced under the banner of Fort Entertainment and has multiple cast members which also includes veteran actors Sheela and Madhu.

The film revolves around a village close to Kozhikode and its residents. Set in the 1980's, the only form of entertainment for the villagers is the radio that Abu Ikka (Madhu) gifted Ummuma (Sheela) before he passed away. Ummuma is immensely attached to the radio and waits every evening for the villagers to gather at her house and listen to the Malayalam dramas through her beloved Murphy Radio. However, one day, to everyone's surprise, comes a huge parcel is sent from the Gulf by Usman (Manikandan Achari) for Ummuma's granddaughter Surha (Sana Althaf) who is his to-be-wife.

The villagers gather at the house to see what's inside this mystery box and when they open it, they find a black and white TV! For people who have only had access to a radio for so long, a spanking new TV is a reason for celebrations. This is when the hero Basheer (Farhan Faasil) comes into the picture. Basheer has a Polytechnic degree and knows how to set up and fix televisions.

Basheerinte Premalekhanam - BookMyShowBy setting up the TV he soon becomes the village's hero and also Surha's hero (cheesy much?). But what will happen when Hajiyaar (Joy Mathew) comes to know of his daughter's feelings for Basheer? Watch the film to know more of what transpires when the villagers find out and will it affect their access to the TV?

The film has numerous cast members with immense potential but not many could showcase this. Actors like Sunil Sukhada, Nazeer Samkranthi seemed lost in the crowd (yes, it was very crowded).

Performances from the lead cast were decent. There were moments when Farhan delivers a good performance but there were a few situations where his character looked borderline creepy and not as a man deep in love. After a gap of two years, Sana Althaf has finally made it to the silver screen has done a decent job, not exceptional though. Manikandan Achari who plays the role of the Gulf (or rather Persia) returned (my grandmother still refers to the Middle-East as Persia) Usman has a very different role this time and he has showcased his acting ability very well.

Veteran actress Sheela as the loving grandmother of Surha is always a treat to watch for fans of older movies. She has her good moments of acting but sometimes goes overboard. It was more disappointing as the film didn't have a single scene where veteran actor's Madhu and Sheela were together. The actors shared screen space only in the song Pranayamaanithu which was played during the closing credits, by this time, it was time to leave the theatre and only those who were patient enough to wait could get the two minutes of nostalgia.

Basheerinte Premalekhanam - BookMyShowThe film tries to provide many refreshing moments that give you a trip down the memory lane but the film not perfect. The opening credits of the film sure take you back to the good old days of Doordarshan and Nirma commercials but that's about it.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you want a trip down memory lane, you should definitely watch this film. It maybe not as heart-warming as one expects this film to be, the film has some really great comedy performances.