Bhaskar the Rascal: Film Review- The story of two single parents, united by their kids

Writer-director Siddique is well-known for his humorous multi-starrer projects, but this one falls short as it has a sad excuse for a plot. A typical holiday release, Bhaskar the Rascal fails to impress as the lead actors try very hard to make sense of an otherwise pointless bunch of sub-plots. It claims to be a humorous family entertainer, but the slapstick humour is short-lived and not enough to sustain a two and half hour movie. 

Bhaskar (Mammootty) is a brash, uncultured man who embarrasses his son Adi (Master Anoop) with his constant fights and brawls. Hima (Nayantara) is the sweet, demure mother of Shivani (Baby Anikha) who is always passive when faced with any problems. Shivani, on the other hand, is quite rash and plucky. Both the kids envy each other’s parents, so they plan to get them both married. The rest of the movie is a mix of their efforts and several other complications arising from Hima’s past.
The movie began with a nice family story, and then turned into a pathetic action movie with a completely pointless climax. A plot about two families soon drags in gangsters from Pune and secret assassins. There are several parts of the movie which are left unexplained, for e.g. how did Bhaskar get to know about the villain’s evil plans? Who were the people shooting the bad guys in the climax scene? Who was that random woman from Mumbai? The movie conveniently forgets to explain the motivations of the villains and leaves many glaring loopholes. Each character is given a painfully stupid back-story that is supposed to justify all the madness that goes on in the film. Isha Talwar has a cameo as the actress Rani Kabir, which was completely unnecessary and it added nothing to the film.
The movie has decent performances but the weak plot doesn’t allow any actor to shine. The film squanders away the potential of Anoop and Anikha; two of the most talented child actors in Malayalam film industry. At several points, the kids outshone the adults in their dialogue delivery and screen presence. The songs are not all that memorable, save one love song picturing the main pair. The movie is shot well and uses beautiful sets. Mammootty looks young and pulls off the ‘dad’ look quite well. Nayantara seems to fit into the role of a single mother, but offers very little in terms of expressions and screen presence.
A star-cast, well-known director, beautiful sets and cute songs cannot save this movie which will impress only those looking for a no-brainer entertainer during the holidays.
Why should you watch the film?
If you are a die-hard Mammootty/ Nayantara fan and also a sucker for movies with kids playing integral roles, this is the movie for you.
By Shreya Nair

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