Big Brother: Film Review – A Spectacular Action Thriller

Verdict: This action thriller with nail-biting moments that keep you hooked.

Big Brother has been directed by Siddique and is an action thriller featuring Mohanlal in the lead and many interesting names in the industry including Siddique, Anoop Menon, Sarjano Khalid, Honey Rose, Mirnaa Menon, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Irshad, Tini Tom, Gaadha and Devan. Deepak Dev has scored the music for the film. Big Brother also marks Arbaaz Khan‘s debut in Malayalam, with the actor portraying a very important role.

What’s Big Brother About:

Sachidanandan aka Sachi (Mohanlal) is serving a double life sentence for killing a police officer and another man. His younger brother Many (Sarjano Khalid) and his girl friend Gemini (Gaadha) have been trying relentlessly to free him. Finally, after 24 years of imprisonment, Sachi is released and all he wants is to go back to his family, who welcome him with open arms. While he is struggling to adjust with the life outside prison, his past keeps pulling him back. Meanwhile, a police officer Vedantham IPS (Arbaaz Khan) is trying to hunt down a drug lord, Edwin Moses. How Sachi falls into a mess and his path crosses with Vedantham and Edwin is what Big Brother is all about.

What Works:

Mohanlal, being the all-rounder that he is, portrays Sachi with so much ease. Sarjano Khalid gets decent screen time and does his job well. Other actors, including the ladies Honey Rose, Gaadha and Mirnaa are good too. Arbaaz Khan is quite convincing as Vedantham IPS. Deepak Dev‘s music and the background music complement the movie well. Being an out-and-out action movie, the stunts are very crucial and Supreme Sundar and Stunt Silva have done a fabulous job as stunt directors.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though Big Brother is entertaining, it’s a tad too long. There are too many characters as well; some serve a purpose in the story, some do not, sadly. We’d have loved it if Anoop Menon and Siddique had gotten more screentime. The humor doesn’t always work. Though Arbaaz Khan is good, he also doesn’t get enough screen time; he has delivered dialogues in Hindi but the output has him talking in Malayalam, making the lip-sync look odd. Sachi is portrayed as a normal man, but the superheroic, gravity-defying action scenes contradict it. There are various logical flaws as well. But altogether, Big Brother is entertaining enough.

Why You Should Watch:

If you love Mohanlal‘s action hero avatar, Big Brother is a must-watch. It’s a well laid out, properly made film that you can enjoy with family and friends alike.

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