Verdict: Ranjith is the energy while Mohanlal is the heart and soul of Drama.

Drama is a comedy-drama written and directed by Ranjith and produced by M. K. Nassar and Maha Subair under the banners Varnachithra Goodline Productions and Lilypad Motion Pictures UK. The movie features Mohanlal in the lead, supported by a stellar cast that includes Arundathi Nag, Dileesh Pothen, Kanika, Shyamaprasad, Niranjan, Asha Sarath, Renji Panicker, Suresh Krishna, Tini Tom, Subi Suresh, Baiju and Johny Antony among many others. Set in the suburbs of London, the movie revolves around an unexpected death in a family and the drama associated with it.

What’s Drama About:

Rosamma (Arundathi Nag) moves to London with her younger daughter Kunjumol/Mercy (Kaniha) and has been having very absurd thoughts about her death. She speaks to Kunjumol and her younger son Jomon (Niranjan) about it. If something were to happen to her, her wish is for the funeral to be conducted back in Kattappana, as she wishes to rest right next to her achayan. Though her children do not take her seriously, she is found dead the next morning. Her super rich elder sons Philip (Suresh Krishna) and Benny (Tini Tom) decide to conduct the funeral in London stating convenience, which is backed by Ammini (Subi Suresh), Rosamma’s another daughter. They hire Dixon Lopez Funeral Services head by Dixon (Dileesh Pothen) and Raju (Mohanlal) for the same. During one of the meetings, Raju gets to know about Rosamma’s last wish and eventually decided to fulfil it and help Jomon. The rest of the movie is the funny and interesting plans Raju hatches to make it happen.

What Works:

It is fun to watch Mohanlal in a funny avatar after so long. In fact, some scenes of Drama, instances and dialogue delivery reminds us of the Lalettan in the 90s. Arundathi Nag is amazing as Rosamma. Baiju is hilarious too with his natural presentation. Ranjith weaves a very delicate subject in humor really well. The background music of Drama by Bijibal is commendable. Mohanlal’s screen presence is amazing and he undoubtedly is the heart and soul of the movie.

What Could Have Been Better:

It may seem a little laggy in places but the movie picks up instantly as soon as Mohanlal appears on screen. There are some logical glitches here and there too but those can be ignored considering the fun in store. The cast includes many talented artists and we’d have liked to see more of them on the screen.

Why You Should Watch the Movie:

Drama deals with the dramatic experiences in a household when a parent passes away and it shows the real side of families. The movie is a laugh riot and everyone who loves Mohanlal will also love this version of their Lalettan.