Verdict: An excellent movie with stellar performances by the whole cast. 

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Ee.Ma.Yau is produced by Santhosh T. Kuruvila under the banner OPM stars some extremely talented actors including Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Dileesh Pothan, Pauly Valsan, Kainagiri Thankaraj, Krishna Padmakumar, and Arya KS. The movie is set in a coastal village in Kerala with some pragmatic scenes that are way too relatable.

What’s Ee.Ma.Yau About:

Ee.Ma.Yau is about the death of a senior member of a coastal village and the events that follow. Vavachan Mesthiri (Kainagiri Thankaraj) comes home after a small break and to have a good time with his family. His wife, Pennamma (Pauly Valsan), is upset about him disappearing often and her daughter-in-law, Sebiyath (Arya KS), is giving her solutions. Vavachan talks to his son, Eeshi (Chemban Vinod Jose), after a peg or two about the funeral that he would have and Eeshi promises that he would be buried like a king. While everyone is getting ready to have dinner, they find Vavachan lying on the floor dead and the family is devastated. A series of events follow while everyone, including Eeshi and the ward member Ayappan (Vinayakan), a very compassionate person in the locality, are getting things ready for the funeral. The rest of the movie is a blend of suspicion, heartbreak, ego, disappointment, rage, and revelation.

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What Works:

Everything about Ee.Ma.Yau is incredibly realistic, raw and intriguing. From acting to the technical side, everything is top-notch. Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod, and Pauly Valsan are at their best. Kainagiri Thankaraj deserves a special mention for keeping his role very realistic. Unlike the typical compassionate, witty, and peaceful priests that we generally see in movies, Dileesh Pothan’s Vikariyachan is topped with a lot of ego and pride, which is a fresh approach. The background music towards the end of the movie by Prashant Pillai is haunting and blends with the scenes well. Shyju Khalid has captured realism without any glitch. Only a highly talented director can create a gem out of a very simple storyline and that makes Lijo Jose Pellissery the star of the movie. Though the movie does not follow the usual entertainment elements, there isn’t even a scene where you feel bored. The movie, in short, is a treat to watch.

What Could Have Been Better:

There aren’t any songs, extraordinary stunts or masala elements in the movie, which might be a letdown to people who are looking for fun.

Why You Should Watch the Movie:

Many scenes in Ee.Ma.Yau are carved straight out of real life, and it is a rare thing to find in movies. Book your tickets now for some are acting and top class movie making!

– By Devisree