Verdict: There is nothing cliched about this Tovino-Urvashi starrer.

Written and directed by debutant Jose Sebastian, Ende Ummante Peru is what you would call a feel-good movie. Tovino Thomas and Urvashi have given one of their better performances in this film that runs purely on the fellowship they share. The movie also stars Hareesh Kanaran, Mamukkoya, and Sai Priva Deva. The music is composed by Gopi Sundar and is produced by Anti Joseph and C.R. Salim.

What’s Ende Ummante Peru About:

After his father’s death, Hamid (Tovino Thomas) is on a quest to find his mother because he does not want to be labeled a ‘yateem’. His need to find his mother is fueled by the rejection he faces from Sainaba’s (Sai Priya Deva) father. He goes to meet his father’s wives and believes that one of them, Aisha Thata (Urvashi) is his mother and takes her home. How the relationship between mother and son blossoms thereon forms the crux of the movie.

What Works:

The movie is not your usual mother-and-son melodrama. It is a simple take on a relationship between two individuals brought together by fate. Tovino charms his audiences again as Hamid, a dumb-witted simpleton from Malabar. He portrays the role quite convincingly and so do Hareesh Kanaran and Mamukkoya as his sidekicks. To see Urvashi in a full-fledged motherly role after Achuvinte Amma is a treat. She plays an aged woman toughened by the experiences in her life and is brilliant at it. Like any movie from Malabar, this one is chock-a-block with references to food and beauty and the camera captures it brilliantly. The background score is playful and minimalistic, adding to the film’s aesthetic value.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though the plot is laid out well, the characters could have done with some more substance. Some of the jokes seem out of place and could have been avoided.

Why You should watch:

True to its name, Ente Ummante Peru is a good movie that leaves a warm feeling in your heart. Urvashi and Tovino may be a motley pair but are certainly convincing in their parts. In the season of celebration of love and family, this movie is a must-watch.