Verdict: This murder mystery will take you on a thrilling journey!

Being the first film in Malayalam cinema to indulge in extensive forensic science, Akhil Paul and Anas Khan’s Forensic brings nuances of investigative crime in a subtle and unique manner. Raju Malliath, Siju Mathew and Navis Xaviour join hands to invest in the production. With music by Jakes Bejoy, the tunes set the theme of the movie and its grievousness. This movie has Mollywood’s most loved and contemporary actors like the ever-so-bold Mamta Mohandas and the ever-so-handsome Tovino Thomas in a new look. Accompanying them is the ideal cast of Reba Monica John, Saiju Kurup, Renji Panicker, Ramu, Dhanesh Anand, Srikant and many child artists.

What’s Forensic About: 

Forensic leads with the story of a child-turned-psychopath followed by a five-year-old girl’s abduction. Rithika Xavier (Mamta Mohandas) is investigating the case when she finds the girl’s corpse near a compost pit. In order to understand the crime, a medico-legal advisor is required and Samuel John Kattookkaran (Tovino Thomas) comes to the rescue. With his skills and intelligence, he helps Rithika find the culprit behind some serial abductions. But to their surprise, this is not the end of the case as there are more intricacies to it that raise many questions. These questions take them back to an incident in the past that changed their lives.

What Works: 

The major themes of the movie are investigative mystery, forensic science, suspense, juvenile crime, and psychopathology. Interestingly, it aims at the one point that shouldn’t be ignored – that a psychopath’s only motive in life is crime and you can’t distinguish them by age. An eight-year-old can also end up being a psychopath. Adding to this plot is the music by Jakes Bejoy that has a thrilling effect. The role of an IPS officer suits Mamta Mohandas in every way and she brings an added emotional touch as a mother. But the real show-stealer is Tovino Thomas. The role is new and Tovino’s face adds justice to a medico-legal advisor’s character. The directors have connected the plot of the Burma Colony murder mystery and the present mystery in a complex yet understandable way. There is always a history of how a person turns into a psychopath, but sometimes that’s just a trait one carries. The movie covers both concepts realistically, leaving it unbiased. Akhil George’s cinematography brings all the twists that would keep you guessing about the culprit till the very end. To this dark movie, there is some good comic timing and action that is relieving but doesn’t last long.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

Unlike other movies, Forensic lacks investigative error but includes a few illogical shots and props. For example, Mamta’s uniform color varies from others in shades that does not seem to make much sense.

Why You Should Watch: 

For people who love the murder mystery genre, Forensic is a thrilling watch. It guarantees entertainment throughout the imaginative play.

– Anagha Nair