Verdict: Helen is a one-of-its-kind survival story that keeps you hooked till the very end. 

Helen is a thriller drama that portrays the story of a girl who goes missing one night and her fight to survive. The film is written by Alfred Kurian Joseph, Noble Babu Thomas, and Mathukutty Xavier, directed by debutant Mathukutty Xavier and features Kumbalangi Nights fame Anna Ben in the lead. Helen also features Lal, Aju Varghese, Noble Babu Thomas, Rony David, Bonny Mary Mathew and Binu Pappu in supporting roles. The film is produced by Vineeth Sreenivasan and co-produced by Bonny Mary Mathew.

What’s Helen About:

Helen (Anna Ben) is a nurse who aspires to work in Canada to pay off the family debts. She works as a part-time staff at ‘The Chicken Hub’ while she prepares for IELTS. Her only family, her father Paul (Lal) and her are really close and inseparable. Helen also has Azhar (Noble Babu Thomas) in her life, her love interest who is quite an irresponsible guy. Helen forces him to find a job and he finally does but in Chennai. The night before his departure, Azhar is caught by police for drunken driving when he’s with Helen. This incident hurts her father deeply and he stops talking to her. Unable to face her father, Helen lingers around longer at her workplace, but accidentally gets locked up in the freezer room. With no one around to help, and being stuck in a room with a temperature of -18C, Helen is trying her best to stay alive. Meanwhile, her father approaches the cops to find her missing daughter. Does she survive? Will they find her? Watch this film to know.

What Works:

Helen, which apparently is based on true events, is a well-made movie with good performances. It is hard to believe that this comes from a debutant. Anna Ben has done it write with her script selection because this sure is going to be a success, just like her previous stint. Anna’s performance is the soul of the movie and she does her job so well. Her struggle to stay alive has been portrayed well. Lal is good too, as is the newcomer Noble Thomas. Aju Varghese gets a slightly negative shade in this film and he handles it well. Anend C Chandren‘s cinematography is top-notch and gives you the chills. Shaan Rahman‘s music is yet another highlight. Overall, Helen is a perfect blend of everything that makes a movie an excellent watch.

What Could Have Been Better:

There are times when you feel the film is getting dramatic than required and also some minor logical glitches here and there, but keeping that aside, this is a beautifully crafted film.

Why You Should Watch:

Helen is one of its kind and keeps you at the edge of your seats till the very end. It sure has some good performances and a great plot that could keep you entertained. Book your tickets now to feel the thrill.