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Hey Jude: Film Review – Hey Jude Flows Beautifully, Just Like The Beatles Would’ve Wanted

Verdict: Nivin Pauly is a treat and Hey Jude is a delight! 

Director Shyamaprasad’s third film with Nivin Pauly, Hey Jude is a feel-good movie that makes you think, feel, relate and ride along with Jude. The movie features renowned South Indian actress Trisha Krishnan for the first time in Malayalam, along with other prominent stars including Siddique, Vijay Menon, Apoorva Bose and Neena Kurup. The movie is about how two not-so-normal people meet and change each other’s lives, making you realize that normality is overrated. Director Shyamaprasad is a filmmaker who could handle any genre with ease, and that is visible in this movie. 

What’s Hey Jude About:

Jude, enacted by Nivin Pauly, is not a regular, normal guy. But he is a maths genius and is well informed about the marine life. He is weird according to "normal" standards. His father Dominique (Siddique), who is an antique shop owner and crazy about making money, and his mother (Neena Kurup) are worried about him. Due to a family emergency, Dominique, along with Maria and Jude, moves to Goa where they meet Sebastian (Vijay Menon) a cricket enthusiastic and his daughter Crystal (Trisha), the lead singer and owner of Beatles Café. The father-daughter duo is happy-go-lucky. How they befriend Jude, influence him positively and make him discover himself is what follows. Hey Jude Film Review - BookMyShow

What Works:

Nivin Pauly has come out of his comfort zone and tried something new and that has not gone wrong. Trisha’s Crystal AKA Cris, is smart, compassionate, bubbly, a go-getter and the actress has portrayed it really well. Siddique enacts a troubled father and has excelled in it, as usual. His counters would crack you up. Vijay Menon has got chance to exhibit his potential with a very significant role and he has done absolute justice to it. It’s really good to watch him on the screen after so long, essaying the role of Dr. Sebastian with ease. The movie has four prominent music directors – Ouseppachan, Rahul Raj, Gopi Sundar and M Jayachandran – composing one track each and they are all different and interesting. Ouseppachan’s background score comes with a Goan touch and goes really well with the movie. Singer Sayonara’s outing as a dubbing artist is commendable. The costumes for each character are well designed. Nirmal Sahadev and George Kanatt, the screenwriters definitely deserve applause. Shyamaprasad has proved yet again that you don’t need a very long list of actors to make a delightful movie. 

What Could Have Been Better: 

Trisha fails here and there to do justice in Malayalam lip syncing but the lady's effort is commendable. The filmmakers could have given us some more of the beauty of Goa and Fort Kochi.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

There is a Jude and Crystal in all of us – sometimes anti-social and weird like Jude and sometimes loud and living life to the fullest like Crystal. If you are looking forward to watching something sweet and relatable, Hey Jude is it! So grab the tickets for you and your family now for this weekend!

By Devisree Jayakumari