Verdict: A one of its kind movie with humor and emotions, making it enjoyable for all.

Directed by debutants Jibi-Joju and produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner Aashirvad Cinemas, Ittymaani: Made in China is a comedy-drama starring Mohanlal in the lead. The film also features many talents including KPAC Lalitha, Raadhika, Aju Varghese, Siddique, Honey Rose, Vinu Mohan, Sijoy Varghese, Swasika, Kailash, Dharmajan Bolgatty and Hareesh Kanaran among many others. The film narrates the story of Ittymaani and the funny things that happen in his life.

What’s Ittymani: Made In China About:

Ittymaani (Mohanlal), son of Itty Mathan and Theyamma (KPAC Lalitha), lives in Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. He makes and sells duplicate products of renowned brands for a living. He has deep roots in China as his grandfather had started a business there, which was looked after by his father. Ittymaani is also notorious for taking a commission for even the smallest service he provides. He is a bachelor and has been looking for a suitable bride but all his efforts go in vain. Annamma Plaamootil (Raadhika) is his neighbor, mother’s friend, and his childhood buddy’s mother. She lives alone and is distressed as her children hardly visit her or enquire about her. Things get worse when she suffers from a cardiac arrest and her three children leave the responsibility to Ittymani. This is when Itty decides to make the situation change by taking a drastic step. What he does and how it affects everyone’s life including Itty’s becomes the crux of the movie.

What Works:

Mohanlal is still a charmer and that is quite visible in Ittymaani. He steals your heart with his quick wit and mannerism. The chemistry between Mohanlal and KPAC Lalitha is just amazing, with a great performance by Lalitha. Lal’s combination with Aju also works. Raadhika and Siddique have also delivered outstanding performances. Deepak Dev‘s background scores gel well with the theme of the film. The songs composed by the ensemble group 4 Musics, Kailas Menon and Deepak Dev are decent. There are some hilarious dialogues that make the audience laugh hard. The references from Mohanlal’s iconic movies will leave a smile on your faces. The film also leaves a much relevant social message to the audience. Overall, Ittymaani: Made in China is an enjoyable watch.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The movie is filled with a lot of artists, but most of them are cameos. Some dialogues are in bad taste and could have been written better. The songs are decent but easily forgettable. The use of Thrissur slang is good but lacks consistency. We’d have loved to watch more of Honey Rose.

Why You Should Watch:

Ittymaani: Made in China is worth a watch for Mohanlal‘s charm, some hilarious performances, and for some good entertainment. The movie has comedy and well as emotional elements placed in the right amount, making it even more enjoyable. Ittymaani is a good family entertainer with an amazing social message. Watch it with your family and have a really good time.