Verdict: A crime-thriller held up by loads of enjoyable action sequences.

Jack & Daniel is an action-thriller movie written and directed by SL Puram Jayasurya and produced by Shibu Thameens under the banner Thameen Films. Starring Dileep in the leading role along with action king Arjun Sarja, the movie tells the story of a master thief and a CBI officer. Other prominent roles are handled by Anju Kurian, Saiju Kurup, Ashokan and Innocent. The most notable factor about the movie is the star stunt choreographer Peter Hein’s cameo role. Hein has also choreographed the action scenes in the movie. Shaan Rahman and Gopi Sunder provide music for the film, while Sivakumar Vijayan works the camera.

What’s Jack & Daniel About:

CBI officer Daniel (Arjun) is summoned by the Kerala government and police department to investigate a series of thefts in the last one and a half years. The thief is termed as an “intellectual giant” for his methods and for the fact that he steals only black money. The police department is helpless due to flawed evidence collection. With the help of police officer Philippose (Saiju Kurup), Daniel studies the CCTV footage from a bank robbed by the thief. The evidence leads him to Jack (Dileep), who is a prominent businessman in the city. The focus slowly shifts to Jack. He frequently visits Goa and on such a visit he meets Susmita (Anju Kurian), who introduces herself as a freelance photographer. After a few encounters, Jack starts to like Susmita and she seems to return the feeling. As the story progresses we find out why Jack does what he does and why he is righteous in his actions.

What Works:

Though such stories have been told many times before, the Malayalam audiences’ love for action-packed crime thriller stories have not died down. And the director seems to know this very well. Dileep as Jack and Arjun as Daniel seem to be competing with each other in performing the best action sequence. Thanks to Peter Hein and his techniques, Jack & Daniel is an entertaining action flick. Dileep and Arjun seem to be the best combination of action heroes presented to the Malayali audience in recent times. The cinematographer’s tight frames and zoom-ins tell the story effectively. Anju Kurian as Susmita is a beautiful lady who is not just a typical vain heroine and is instead a route back to Jack and his history. Though the social message in the movie can sometimes be interpreted as preachy, it makes the movie relevant for our times and holds a mirror to the current system. Jack & Daniel is a movie that can be enjoyed by the young crowd and families equally.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While the script may seem weak and repeat, it has the necessary twists and turns to keep you hooked. Dileep is a versatile actor and we expect more from him. We’d love to see him in a more realistic avatar. The script is predictable in places and the movie can appear to be a little formulaic.

Why You Should You Watch:

If you do not want to bother your brain with a thought-provoking, emotional and technically perfect cinema, this is the movie for you. Jack & Daniel is an entertainment package that you can enjoy with your family. The action-packed scenes and comedy are the perfect relaxants for your weekend break. The social message about Indian Army, soldiers, black money and corrupt politics makes it pertinent.

– By Annifred Solomon