Verdict: Saiju Kurup and Sabumon are show stealers in this comedy entertainer.

Directed by debutant John Manthrickal and produced by Vijay Babu under the banner Friday Film House, Janamaithri is a comedy film starring Saiju Kurup, Indrans, Sabumon Abdusamad, and Vijay Babu in pivotal roles. The film narrates the funny incidents that take place one night when the police force is celebrating Janamaithri Day in a ‘responsible’ way.

What’s Janamaithri About:

Samyukthan (Saiju Kurup) is a sales manager, selling CCTV cameras for a company in Kochi. One night, he decides to go Kannur to meet a friend. On his way, he meets the Paramedu Police who are on a mission – as part of the Janamaithri Day celebrations, the heads of each police station are asked to serve tea to the late-night drivers passing through their circle. Samyukthan is their first guest, but the encounter snowballs into a hilarious incident. Meanwhile, a robbery takes place elsewhere and Samyukthan, along with constable Ashraf (Sabumon Abdusamad), is chasing a masked man. Many such events interconnect on that one night, leading to a very funny climax.

What Works:

From the start to the end, Janamaithri gives you no space to be serious. The humor comes not only from the dialogues but also by the mannerisms and expressions of each actor. John Manthrickal and James Sebastian have brought forth a simple plot with many twists and parallel sequences, all converging at one point. Saiju Kurup and Sabumon are show stealers. Saiju has portrayed his distress very well, leading to hilarious moments while Sabumon scores with his comic timing. Vijay Babu and the actors playing his brothers make a hilarious gang. All other actors – be it Indrans or Irshad – have done their parts well, making Janamaithri a fun film. Shaan Rahman’s background score syncs perfectly with the scenes, leading to many comic eruptions.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Janamaithri is a full-fledged comedy film. There are no songs, masala elements, or action. Some of the dialogues in the movie feel like a deliberate attempt to invoke laughter. However, the movie moves past all the little glitches to provide full-on entertainment.

Why You Should Watch:

This out-and-out comedy entertainer does justice to the genre. Each scene in Janamaithri keeps you relaxed and eagerly await what’s going to happen next. It has no vulgar dialogues, making it family-friendly too. The film is equally enjoyable for the young audience, who might find themselves laughing away their tears.

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