Verdict: A beautifully crafted journey about a teenage girl’s story.

How would you feel when you leave the theatre after watching June? You feel ‘good’. Friday Film House and Vijay Babu work their magic again by bringing a host of new names and faces to Malayalam cinema. Right from its director Ahammed Khabeer, male lead Sarjano Khalid and music director Ifthi, the movie has placed its trust on newbies. And to their luck, it has worked well. Jeevan Baby Mathew, Libin Varghese, and the director have written the script. Rajisha Vijayan plays the lead in this ‘coming-of-age’ movie along with Arjun Ashokan, Vaishnavi Venugopal, Joju George, and Ashwathi Menon.

What’s June About:

June (Rajisha Vijayan) is your average school-going 16-year-old, whose life revolves around her parents (played by Joju George and Ashwathi Menon) and friends. And into this circle enters the dreamy-eyed Noel Varghese (Sarjano Khalid). Love blossoms and so do many friendships. Where love takes June and how destiny crafts her ten-year-old journey makes for a lovely watch.

What Works:

June rests firmly on Rajisha’s shoulders. A lot of work has gone into portraying the character’s journey from school to adulthood. From haircuts to braces and weight loss, a lot of attention has been paid to detail. While her performance remains one of the movie’s plus points, the roles done by the bunch of debutantes is commendable. Sarjano Khalid as Noel is every schoolgirl’s first crush – handsome and charming. He has done a good job as June’s lover boy. Another character that is uber cool and powerful is June’s buddy Abhirami portrayed by Vaishnavi Venugopal. Abhirami is the Ying to June’s Yang. While she is a confident biker gal, June spends days pining over love and is ready to ‘adjust’ for her boyfriend. The father-daughter relationship between Joju Joseph and Rajisha is beautiful. Ashwathy Menon plays the role of the regular strict no-nonsense mom well. The camera is wielded almost flawlessly by Jithin Stanislaus. He has taken everyday settings and turned it into something memorable. Aju Varghese appears in an extended cameo for comic relief. The music is fresh and some songs like Minniminni and Koodu Vittu Paarum leave an impression.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Almost the whole of the first half is fixated on two years of school life and the other eight years are crammed into the second half. This forces the part where she discovers herself to be skipped altogether.

Why You Should Watch:

This is a movie most of us can relate to. June is an honest attempt to really think from your regular neighborhood girl’s point of view and makes for a wonderful watch.