Verdict: Dileep’s Vishu release features amazing moments and visuals.

Kammara Sambhavam, Dileep’s magnum opus is a combination of a lot of things – history, fiction, cinema, politics and satire. Written by Murali Gopy and directed by Rathish Ambat, the movie has been produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner Sree Gokulam Movies. It has a stellar cast including Dileep, Sidharth, Murali Gopy, Bobby Simha, Shweta Menon, Namitha Pramod, Manikuttan, Siddhique, Vijayaraghavan, Indrans, Baiju, Vinay Fort, Sudheer Karamana, Divya Prabha and Sona Nair.

What’s Kammara Sambhavam About:

The movie revolves around the life of Kammaran Nambiar (Dileep), a freedom fighter who was known as an integral part of the Indian Liberation Party (ILP). Francis (Vijayaraghavan) and the gang decide to make a movie about Kammaran’s life purely with some political intention and introduce Tamil director Pulikesi (Bobby Simha) to direct the movie. Pulikesi approaches Kammaran to know the story from the horse’s mouth and gets an entirely different version of Kammaran than what has been portrayed about him over the years. Kammaran is not an unsung hero, but a revengeful, racist, greedy and cunning criminal. Through his story, we get acquainted with the characters from the 1940’s – Kelu Nambiar (Murali Gopy) a brutal landlord, his niece Bhanu (Namitha Pramod) and most importantly, his son Othenan Nambiar (Sidharth) who was the life and soul of ILP. However, for political mileage Kammaran is yet again portrayed as an unsung hero, swapping the real-life story. How the movie and the audience’s reception change the life of this 96-year-old Kammaran makes the climax of Kammara Sambhavam.

What Works:

Kammara Sambhavam is a visual treat with some beautiful locations and quite a few amazing shots by the cinematographer, Sunil KS. The VFX is par excellence and so are the makeup and prosthetics. It is interesting to see some great action and graphic sequences in a Malayalam movie. Murali Gopy’s script, especially the first half, is too good. The second half has some satirical treatment. Sidharth has a stunning entry. The music and the background score by Gopi Sunder are decent. Some dialogues and situations are spot on. The second half of the movie has ‘mass’ sequences quite enough to entertain all the Dileep fans. It also is a spoof of how movies ‘based on true events’ are made mostly by distorting events.

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie’s punch drops a little towards the second half. Shweta Menon and Murali Gopy have strongly etched characters but they don’t get enough space to perform and deliver their best. We would have loved to see more of them. And the same goes for the brilliant actors like Vinay Fort and Vijayaraghavan.

Why You Should Watch the Movie:

Kammara Sambhavam is not just for a Dileep fan. It has a historical backdrop, real-life incidents, satire and everything that a movie lover would want to see on the silver screen. Grab your tickets and watch Kammara Sambhavam for some laugh and thrill this weekend.

– By Devisree Jayakumari