Verdict: Picture perfect frames, soul-rendering music and powerful performances… Luca has it all!

There is something about the rain that makes you fall in love with it. There is hope, happiness, uncertainty, and even tragedy. And rain is one element that runs throughout Luca – a fine film that sets you off on a ride dotted with mystery, awe, romance, and thrill in ample measure. Produced by Linto Thomas and Prince Hussain under the banner Stories and Thoughts Productions, Luca brings to fore one of Tovino Thomas’s better performances till date. Penned by Mridul George and debutant director Arun Bose, Luca’s music is done by Sooraj S. Kurup. Debutant Nimish Ravi has wielded the camera and Nikhil Venu has handled the edits. Anees Nadody has helmed the art department, along with Kakka Creations. The movie has also gifted Malayalam cinema with newcomers like Ahaana Krishna and Nitin George alongside Vinita Koshy, Anwar Shareef, Chemban Ashokan and Pauly Valsan in the lead.

What’s Luca About:

While the movie revolves around a murder investigation, at its heart are two love stories that run parallel to each other. When Luca (Tovino Thomas), a celebrated scrap artist, meets the nerdy research scholar Nihaarika (Ahaana Krishna), it is not a usual love story. She prefers order to his chaos. Meanwhile, Akbar (Nitin George), the cop investigating the murder, is having trouble in his marriage to Fathima (Vinita Koshy). The search for the whodunnit through the pages of a journal and how these two relationships blossom make up the movie.

What Works:

With five back-to-back releases, it seems to be the brightest period in Tovino’s career. And yet, it is without a doubt that no one else could have stepped into Luca’s shoes other than this actor, and convincingly so. In a sincere and intense performance, Tovino Thomas essays the eccentric, hot-headed Biennale artist without fault. Director Arun Bose has put together a great movie that has a non-linear mode of narration and has paid attention to the smallest detail. Right from the tattoo on Luca’s hand to the dreamcatchers and backdrop colors, Luca is a visual treat. The art department deserves special mention for the amazing work displayed throughout, taking the movie up by a few notches. While Luca has jagged edges, Niharika is someone who has her life in neat piles. Ahaana Krishna does well as the innocent and baby-faced Niharika, who is the anchor in Luca’s life. Fingers and eyes seem to say a lot in the movie. While color is the centre of Luca’s life, Akbar’s is shown in dull shades. Nitin George, as the no-nonsense cop, and Vinita Koshy as his wife are convincing. The surreal music by Sooraj S. Kurup, who has also acted in the movie, earns Luca its brownie points. While Ore Kannal has topped charts, Arvind Venugopal’s velvety voice in Vaanil Chandrika will surely be a favorite. The background score and the song during the credits, Doore Oraayiram Irul, is well-rendered.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The first half is packed with ample twists to keep the audience hooked to the thriller quotient of the movie. The second half lags in parts but eventually makes up the climax.

Why You Should Watch:

Luca is not your regular entertainer but one that pays ode to art that makes life beautiful. Tovino Thomas has proved his versatility yet again with Luca. He has squarely carried the movie on his shoulders backed by amazing artwork and music.

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