Verdict: A family entertainer with love and nostalgia at its core.

Just as the name suggests, music and fun form the essence of Maarconi Mathaai. A family entertainer that has Jayaram playing to his strengths, this film is produced by A.G. Premachandran under the banner of Satyam Cinemas. Directed by Sanil Kalathil, the movie introduces Vijay Sethupathi to Malayalam cinema. Athmeeya Rajan, Tini Tom, Joy Mathew, Sudheer Karamana, Aju Varghese, Mamukkoya, and Mallika Sukumaran play other important characters. M. Jayachandran is the music director and Sajan Kalathil is the cinematographer of Maarconi Mathaai.

What’s Maarconi Mathaai About:

Mathai (Jayaram) is called Maarconi Mathaai by the residents of his island village because of his love for the radio. A simpleton and a romantic at heart, Mathai is mostly seen with his motley gang, which includes Babuchettan (Tini Tom), Luca (Joy Mathew) and Maranam Vijayan (Sudheer Karamana). A retired jawan, Mathai now works as a security guard at the local bank. He fixes up the antennae and helps the village tune into a popular FM station. Later, he develops feelings for Anna (Athmeeya), who comes to work at his bank. Each time he gathers his wits to profess his love, something goes wrong. The movie explores if Mathai ever finds the courage to profess his love for Anna.

What Works:

Maarconi Mathaai is a thorough family entertainer with drama, comedy, romance and light-hearted fun. Jayaram is back with his tried-and-tested formula and is convincing and sincere in his portrayal. Vijay Sethupathi, as himself, brings freshness to the screen. He plays a crucial character in Mathai’s life. The array of actors who add pulp to the story have done well. The frames have a splash of deliberate color with everything from yellow walls to blue windows. The picturesque locations in each scene are definitely a plus for the movie and add to its appeal. Jayachandran’s music is pleasant and the foot-tapping number Enna Parayana has already found its way to the charts.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The movie has its moments but in parts, the script isn’t tight enough to hold the audience’s attention. There are many characters playing minor roles, who do not add much to the story.

Why You Should Watch:

Maarconi Mathaai is your answer to pep up a relaxed weekend. Head to the theatre for a few laughs and sincere performances by Jayaram and Vijay Sethupathi.

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