Verdict: Kunchacko Boban delivers yet another romantic comedy for the family audiences.

National Award winning documentary director Soumya Sadanandan makes her feature film debut with this clean and simple venture. Produced by Allwyn Antony, Zachariah Thomas, Prince Paul, and Angelena Mary Antony under the banner of UGM Entertainments, Mangalyam Thanthunanena is written by Tony Madathil. Kunchacko Boban and Nimisha Sajayan are in the lead along with Hareesh Kanaran, Santhi Krishna, Vijaya Raghavan, and Alencier Ley Lopez. Music is by Bijibal and Arvind Krishna has wielded the camera.

What’s It About:

Three months into their marriage, Roy (Kunchacko) and Clara (Nimisha Sajayan) become the average “Malayali” couple—complete with fights, makeups, and breakups. Roy, who lost his job in the Gulf, is unemployed and struggling with a staggering debt. He does not like being patronized by his mother (Santhi Krishna), wife or his uber-rich father-in-law (Vijaya Raghavan). His ego does not allow him to join his father-in-law’s business or borrow money from him. The movie is about how he, with help from his friend Shamsu (Hareesh Kanaran), figures out ways to clear his debt.

What works:

Soumya Sadanandan has ensured the narrative is simple and makes for an easy watch. The storyline is tried and tested but the director has attempted to give it a fresh look. Kunchacko Boban is in his element as the irresponsible husband, which has been his forte of late. Just when you think his troubles are over, a new one crops up. It’s Haresh Kanaran’s comic timing and dialogues that add color to the movie. Nimisha has done well in her role as the wife who has to step up to save the day. It is good to see Santhi Krishna back in action, delivering good performances one after the other. Mamukoya and Salim Kumar appear in cameos. The music is decent, but nothing stands out.

What could have been better:

It is a classic case of old wine in a new bottle, an enjoyable wine nonetheless. A crisper edit would’ve done wonders.

Why you should watch:

Mangalyam Thanthunanena is a movie you could take your family for a few good laughs. It has everything—romance, action, drama, laughter—all in good measure.