Mr. Fraud (Mohanlal) along with his companions, Priya (Manjari Phadnis) and Abbas (Vijay Babu) are on their last mission. A risky and dangerous task, where they have to rob a royal family of their ancestral possessions that is worth billions. Under the surveillance of high police protection, special cameras and private security, would Mr. Fraud be able to accomplish the last heist of his career forms the crux of the story.

To sum up, the story line is cliched. The movie progresses without any twists, making it a predictable plot. Mr. Fraud marks a hat-trick cusp between Mohanlal and director B. Unnikrishnan after Madambi and Grandmaster. In the present day when creativity and technology can deliver some of the best movies of your lifetime, this Malayalam new release falls short of the standard. The stereotypical slow-motion walks, cheesy one-liners and the very idea of robbing a vast quantity of treasure using tech-savvy gadgets adds to the failure of the plot. Mia George, as Saraswathi, adds the emo-drama quotient to the movie.

Gopi Sunder is the music composer of the film. The songs ‘Khuda Woh Khuda‘ and ‘Sadaa Paalaya‘ are a better composition compared to the opening song, ‘Poonthinkale‘. What was supposed to be a fine mixture of pop and reggae music, ended up being disastrous. The sound design was too loud with sound effects peircing through your ears. Anyone planning to pick a seat close to the screen, please keep an aspirin handy. As for the cinematography, the visuals were just above average, aesthetically not very appealing.

A seasoned actor, Mohanlal leaves you awestruck with his performance in the movie Drishyam. It’s disheartening to watch a talented actor’s caliber being wasted in this movie. Manjari Phadnis and Vijay Babu appear like "good-for-nothing" aids to Mohanlal. Other supporting cast did justice to their characters. It was a treat to watch Siddique as Chandrashekhara Verma.

In short, gone are the days when movies like Mr. Fraud would appeal to the Malayalam movie audiences. It’s high time for a revolution. A revolution to deliver good movies with meaningful stories and stellar performances.

Why should you watch this film?

Can’t think of a solid reason to recommend this movie. If you are a die-hard fan of Lalettan, then this film can be your timepass-movie-outing. But head to the theatre with a bunch of friends. The more the merrier. Have fun with Mr. Fraud.

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