Verdict:  Fails to impress.

Oozham is the latest Jeethu Joseph movie, the director of the blockbuster movie Drishyam, which released in 2013. Prithviraj Sukumaran plays the lead role in this revenge drama and it is the fourth movie for this talented actor this year after Pavada, Darvinte Parinamam and James & Alice. Joseph's previous suspense thrillers like Drishyam and Memories lead to high expectations of this director. However, he fails to meet them with Oozham.

Oozham begins with Prithviraj's character Surya Krishnamoorthy being chased by a couple of well-built men wearing similar clothes. Surya works in the US as a controlled explosion expert and has come down to meet his family in Coimbatore. His family comprises of his father Krishnamoorthy, a health inspector (Balachandra Menon), mother Lakshmi (Seetha), sister Aishwarya (Rasna) and foster brother Ajmal (Neeraj Madhav).  They are a happy family, but an unexpected turn of events leads Surya to take drastic steps in order to avenge the wrong done to his family. The entire story is about Surya hunting down the baddies one by one.

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Prithviraj again delivers a top-notch performance once again. The film has Rasna and Divya Pillai as the female leads. Rasna does absolute justice to her role as a sister-cum-friend to her brother Surya. Divya Pillai who plays the role of Gayathri does an okay job with her role. Neeraj Madhav as the foster brother of Surya is seen in a very different role. Balachandra Menon as Krishnamoorthy, a simple government employee and a father never fails us with his performance. The other supporting roles are played by Pasupathy, Jayaprakash, Kishor Satya, Anson Paul and Tony Luke. Model-turned-actor Tony Luke's character of a spoilt rich brat Andrew Marquez, was tailor-made for him. Captain (Pasupathy), the man chasing Surya has his own unique style, which fails to impress in some scenes. 

The background music is decent. The narration of the entire movie is done through flashback sequences, which seems interesting. Overall, the movie is your average revenge thriller that starts off real well. It is the second half of the movie that fails to keep you hooked.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
The actor-director duo of Jeethu Joseph and Prithviraj is back after their first movie, Memories, another suspense thriller. If you want to see some good acting by Prithviraj, go for Oozham this weekend.

– By Stacey Prince