Verdict: This Ramesh Pisharody directorial debut has all the elements to impress.

Panchavarnathatha is actor and comedian Ramesh Pisharody’s directorial debut. Co-written by Hari P Nair, the movie features Jayaram, Kunchako Boban, Ashokan, Anusree, Mallika Sukumaran, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Maniyapilla Raju, Joju George, Salim Kumar, Kunjan and Prem Kumar along with many other artists. The movie has been produced by Maniyanpilla Raju under the banner Maniyanpilla Raju Productions. Panchavarnathatha is a blend of feel-good factors and has many light moments where you could have a laugh or two.

What’s Panchavarnathatha About:

Panchavarnathatha revolves around an animal lover and pet seller who does not have a name, caste or religion (Jayaram). His animal shelter or pet house becomes a nuisance to the residents in the locality. One of the residents (Maniyanpilla Raju) approaches the MLA of the area, Kalesh (Kunchako Boban), who involves in the situation and gets Jayaram’s pets moved from the place. A serious of events forces Kalesh to allow Jayaram along with animals to live in his house. The humor, the bonding between the main characters and how Jayaram’s character changes the life of Kalesh and his wife (Anusree) makes the rest of the movie.

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What Works:

The movie has many comic moments that would make you laugh hard. Dharmajan handles the humor part really well and so does Ashokan. It is good to see Jayaram in a different avatar after a very long time. The ladies, Anusree as MLA Kalesh’s wife and Mallika Sukumaran as his mother, have done a really good job. Mallika’s character is not that of the regular mother you see in movies and that is refreshing. The writers have made sure that the comedy does not cross the limits. The second half of the movie is really engaging. Ramesh Pisharody as a director has not gone wrong overall. 

What Could Have Been Better:

The plot goes off in between but it does pick up later. Though the movie is about animals and a pet seller, you wonder why he has camels, mice and even huge lizards in the tribe but it adds to the fun. Actors like Prem Kumar, Salim Kumar, Kunjan and Maniyanpilla Raju could have used more screen space and richer roles. A couple of songs could have been avoided.

Why You Should Watch the Movie:

Panchavarnathatha can be considered as a perfect family entertainer. It is a blend of comedy, drama, and emotions. The movie is kid friendly as well. It will, in fact, be a perfect watch for this weekend and the vacation that follows.

Review By – Devisree