Verdict – An impressive directorial debut by Soubin Shahir.

Soubin Shahir is one of the finest comedians among the new crop of Malayalam actors. Also, he has a good amount of experience about the efforts that go behind the camera. He started his innings as an assistant director in 2003. He has worked with some of the biggest directors of Malayalam film industry, namely, Siddique, Fazil, Siddique, Rafi-Mecartin, P. Sukumar, Santhosh Sivan, Rajeev Ravi, and Amal Neerad. So, when he announced his maiden venture as an independent director, everyone was excited about Parava. With minimal promotional activities, revealing almost nothing, Parava managed to create a lot of buzz. But was the film worth?

Parava is a tale of two young boys Irshad (Amal Shah) and Habeeb (Govind V Pai). They spend most of their time breeding pigeons, flying kites, playing on the beach and yeah, attending school too. Their main aim is to win the pigeon racing and they give utmost care to their pigeons. Now to set the backdrop around a sport that is literally never explored in Malayalam cinema makes Parava a fresh and genuine attempt. The director here also explores the life of Mattancherry people. Being a local, Shoubin has the advantage to show Mattancherry as real as possible. He, along with Munner Ali, pens a screenplay that is multi-layered, emotionally strong and makes you feel for the people of Mattancherry.

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The story deals with the past and present of Irshad, Habeeb and their loved ones. Through a flashback, Soubin introduces us to Imran (Dulquer Salmaan), Shane (Shane Nigam), Mujeeb (Jacob Gregory), and Hakeem (Arjun Harisree Ashokan). Their bonding and how their life is affected due to unforeseen circumstances form a crucial part of the movie. Though all the actors including Siddique, Harisree Ashokan, Jaffer Idukki, Srinda Arhaan and Aashiq Abu breathe life into their respective characters – the film completely belongs to child actors Amal Shah and Govind V Pai. They have an impeccable screen presence which will surely leave an impact.

Littil Swayamp should be given a standing ovation for handling the camera so efficiently. He possibly has captured all the nooks and corners of Mattancherry. Rex Vijayan’s music adds more value to the narrative. The film boasts the production value of Anwar Rasheed Entertainment. Having said that, the film was a bit over-stretched and could’ve used more cuts. If the film was trimmed at least 20 minutes – the outcome would have been even better. Nevertheless, Parava is still a film that is rich in its narrative with commendable performances.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Soubin’s directorial debut successfully portrays the life of Mattancherry people. Parava flies high and low but never falls from losing its freshness. The film will definitely give you a feel-good cinematic experience.
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