Director Arun Vaidyanathan marks his debut in Mollywood with Peruchazhi. And he succeeds in offering a brilliant visual sadhya (feast) for the Malayalam movie-lovers. This well-crafted satire stars Mohanlal, Mukesh, Baburaj, Ajju Varghese and Ragini Nandwani in the lead roles. Kickstarting the Onam festivities of the year, Peruchazhi is a sure-shot crowd-puller.

Peruchazhi doesn’t boast to be a different affair from the usual family entertainer. It goes in sync with the festive season. Like a perfect Onam sadhya, this movie has various elements of friendship, love, betrayal and revenge served on a comic platter.

The story revolves around Jagannathan (Mohanlal) who has an inborn talent. He can solve the gravest of issues in the most prudent manner. Pottakkuzhy Jabbar (Baburaj) and Vayalar Varkey (Aju Varghese) are his trusted buddies. They stay with him through thick and thin. One fine day, friend-turned-political foe Francis Kunjappan (Mukesh) offers Jagannathan a deal. Jagan, with his friends has to fly to California and help candidate John Kory and his team win the upcoming election for Governor. They take up the responsibility and help John Kory’s team headed by Sunny Kurishingal (Vijay Babu) to win the election. What follows through the course of the movie are the various measures they take to succeed in the given challenge. From fun-filled times spent in the US, to the betrayal trap they fall into gives the movie some interesting twists. Like an actual bandicoot, will this Peruchazhi be able to dig through the trouble he and his friends have landed in?

Peruchazhi is definitely a Lalettan’s film. Once again he proves that he is a complete actor and a master of comedy. His acting prowess can add that extra spark to any character he portrays on the silver screen. Baburaj and Aju Varghese as the sidekicks deserve a loud applause. Throughout the film their comic timing was in harmony with the flow of the movie, sending out waves of laughter. Vijay Babu, Mukesh and Ramesh Pisharody justified their respective characters. The famous Mohanlal-Mukesh duo were seen onscreen after a few years’ hiatus. But unfortunately, Peruchazhi didn’t tap on the duo’s talent, which could have worked in favor of the film. The leading lady, Ragini Nandwani didn’t have much to contribute to the tale. But was definitely like a beautiful showpiece to keep your eyes glued to the big screen.

Director Arun Vaidyanathan has prepared a humorously appetizing Onam feast. He delivered exactly what the Malayali audience need to make their festive season all the more special. A hilarious family entertainer.

Talking about the technical aspect, this movie holds the credit to be the first Mollywood film to finish its shooting schedule in a foreign country in 30 days. Throughout the 154 minutes, you are sure to be transported back to the good old Mohanlal hits. And we bet, it will leave you nostalgic enough to pull out the classic Mohanlal hit DVDs, and watch them over and over gain. Cinematographer Arvind Krishnan proves his mettle with each shot. From the scenic beauty of Kerala to the dazzling life of the US, each frame is commendable. However, a fight sequence in the second-half feels totally out of place, technically and script-wise. The music is composed by Arrora. The background score and the songs sync with the theme of the movie with much ease. From the minute the opening title gets rolling, the film holds your attention. But somewhere in the middle, the flow of the narration fizzles out, later picking speed as the movie nears the end. Editor Vivek Harshan of Big B and 22 Female Kottayam could have done a better job to keep the pace steady.

In short, Peruchazhi is a clean, hilarious and entertaining film for this festive season. Kudos to Team Peruchazhi!

Why should you watch the film?

If any of the below-mentioned conditions apply, you should definitely watch Peruchazhi: 

1. You are a die-hard Lalettan fan.
2. You love Onam (visual) treat.
3. Your movie motto: Entertainment, entertainent, entertainment, topped with genuinely funny scenes throughout. 

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