Verdict: Porinju Mariyam Jose is an action drama that follows a template which is enjoyable by all.

Veteran director Joshiy, after a short hiatus, strikes back with Porinju Mariyam Jose which features Joju George, Nyla Usha and Chemban Vinod portraying the title characters respectively. Written by Abhilash N Chandran, produced by Rejimon and co-produced by Appu Pathu Pappu productions, Porinju Mariyam Jose is a story set in the 80s of three friends, their friendship, love and other characters that come between them.

What’s Porinju Mariyam Jose About:

Kattalan Porinju (Joju George) and Puthanpally Jose (Chemban Vinod) are best buddies since childhood and Alappat Mariyam (Nyla Usha) is the love of the former’s life. Mariyam, after growing up, however, pays no heed to Porinju as their love story played a major role in her father’s death. The film begins with a classroom fight between Porinju, Jose and another boy for misbehaving with Mariyam. 20 years later, the characters go through a similar incident which changes their lives. This time, Prince (Rahul Madhav) the grandson of Iype (Vijayaraghavan), a rich man in the village who is nothing less than a king and a close friend of Porinju, is the offender. Prince’s urge to avenge his insult affects the balance in everyone’s life including the villagers and whether he would be successful in his mission becomes the crux of the movie.

What Works:

The best part of the movie is its narration. Like how the grown-up versions of the main characters are introduced, for instance, is different from the usual way of narration and is interesting. The characters are well written and the actors have done justice to their respective roles. Joju George anchors the movie and Vinod Jose is excellent. A very bold and strong female character, that is Mariyam, is refreshing to watch. Vijayaraghavan, TG Ravi and Sudhi Koppa deserve applause as well. Jakes Bejoy’s background score raises the mood of the entire movie to a different level. The first half of the movie is extremely good, setting up a strong base for the second half. The stunts are choreographed well. The makers have done their best in showing a village and characters in the 80s. Overall, the movie is a good watch.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The theme is quite clichéd and the story is predictable, especially in the second half. The songs are decent but they could have been avoided as the movie’s set up didn’t need them. Nyla Usha‘s performance left us wanting more. But with her looks, voice and expressions, you can’t possibly imagine another female actor portraying that role either. The climax could remind you of Karthik Subbaraj’s Iraivi.

Why You Should Watch:

Porinju Mariyam Jose with its brilliant narration, performances and making has come out as a good entertainer. It marks the comeback of director Joshiy and is quite enjoyable. Book your tickets now for some good entertainment.