Verdict: Nithya Menen single-handedly puts up a great show.

Praana is a unique horror thriller starring a single actor – Nithya Menen – throughout the movie. The crew consists of many well-known talents in Indian cinema including PC Sreeram, and Resul Pookutty, among many others. The movie is directed by V K Prakash, written by Rajesh Jayaraman and produced by Suresh Raj, Anita Raj and Praveen S Kumar under the banners S Raj Productions and Real Studio. Praana is also the first ever movie to include the system of live surround sync format.

What’s Praana About:

Praana revolves around Tara Anuradha (Nithya Menen), a well-known and controversial writer. Her new book Music of Freedom makes headlines for all the wrong reasons and she even receives death threats for publishing it. However, a fearless Tara pays no heed and stumbles upon a house by the hillside which is presumed to be haunted. Tara, who is in need of a break, chooses to live in the haunted house also to prove that ghosts don’t exist. She decides to make a visual diary of her experiences in the house by installing various cameras inside to record her day-to-day experiences. Eventually, she realizes that paranormal activities do occur inside the house and decides to face the ghost. She is in for a shock when she meets the spirit residing in her house.

What Works:

Praana succeeds in leaving the audience intrigued. Nithya Menen performs beautifully, carrying the entire movie on her shoulders. She even uses her own voice for her character, which makes it seem more realistic. Arun Vijay’s background score, Louiz Banks’ music and Rathish Vega’s theme song are all brilliant compositions, blending well with the mood of the film. Rajesh Jayaraman’s story is not only intriguing but also touches many relevant and crucial events in our society. Resul Pookutty’s sound design, P C Sreeram’s cinematography and Sunil S Pillai’s editing are par excellence. V K Prakash has succeeded in making a horror movie with all the interesting elements in place while also making it engaging. The movie does not drag unnecessarily and that’s yet another beauty of Praana.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Praana, on the whole, is a great watch but it could have used a different reason in the back story to make the ending more convincing. Some might also find Nithya’s broken Malayalam a drawback.

Why You Should Watch:

Apart from horror fans, Praana is for those who love to watch experimental movies. It doesn’t have intense horrifying scenes, making it watchable for all.