Prathi Poovankozhy: Film Review – This Woman Doesn’t Give Up

Verdict: A socially relevant theme made in an engaging, intriguing way.

Prathi Poovankozhy directed by Rosshan Andrews based on Unni R.‘s story ‘Sankadam‘ features Manju Warrier in the lead along with Andrrews making a debut as an actor, Anusree, Alencier Ley Lopez, Saiju Kurup and Grace Antony in pivotal roles. The film produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner ‘Sree Gokulam Movies’ has some popular names on the technical side including A. Sreekar Prasad, Gopi Sundar, and G Balamurugan handling editing, music, and cinematography respectively.

What’s Prathi Poovankozhy About:

Madhuri (Manju Warrier) an unmarried woman from a middle-class family, is a salesgirl in a textile shop and a part-time tailor. She lives with her mother and is leading a simple, decent life. One day, on her way to work, a man gropes her on the bus. A furious Madhuri follows him, but he escapes. She identifies him as a man from the market and the next day with her friend Rosamma (Anusree) she goes to the market to beat him up. But the market welcomes her with a fight between some goons and Antappan (Rosshan Andrrews), her assaulter. She soon realizes that he is a powerful goon but she doesn’t back out from her mission even then. She searches for him until one day they come face to face, but before she could do anything, something unexpected occurs. This incident changes Madhuri’s life completely. How she tackles the issues that come her way and whether she gets to beat up Antappan is the crux of the movie.

What Works:

The best part of Prathi Poovankozhy is Manju Warrier! She is in an avatar that every woman would want to become. She portrays the role of a fearless Madhuri with ease and does justice to it completely. Anusree brings in some fun moments to the film. Saiju Kurup gets a meaty role with a negative shade that he portrays well. Rosshan Andrrews surprises us in his acting debut and is a powerful antagonist. He makes you despise him with his expressions and smile. Gopi Sundar enhances the villain with some effectively imposing background music. G Balamurugan and A. Sreekar Prasad have made the movie intense with interesting shots and apt cuts. Some dialogs by the protagonist are applaud-worthy, all thanks to Unni R. The makers have succeeded in discussing a much relevant social issue and how to tackle it. Prathi Poovankozhy, on the whole, is a compelling watch.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Prathi Poovankozhy has a very strong plot and a stronger script would’ve made the film stunning. The film making strategy is old school, which also may not be an interesting aspect to some viewers. Keeping that aside, the film is a good watch.

Why You Should Watch:

Being fearless is the need of the hour and Prathi Poovankozhy would inspire women largely to face the unexpected assaults fearlessly. This one is a must-watch for all the women, and we recommend it to everyone who finds it difficult to understand how to respect women.

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