Verdict: Ranjith Sankar keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya join hands yet again with the sequel of Pretham. Pretham 2 narrates the story of a spirit the youth could relate to. The movie is produced by the aforementioned duo, under the banner Dreams n Beyond, with Vishnu Narayanan handling the camera and Anand Madhusoodanan taking care of the music department. Pretham 2 has Amit Chakkalakkal, Saniya Iyyappan, Dain Davis, Sidhartha Siva, Durga Krishna, Jayaraj Warrier and Raghavan supporting Jayasurya who portrays the role of a mentalist.

What’s  Pretham 2 About:

Five movie enthusiasts and active members of a Facebook group ‘Cinemapranthanmar’ decide to meet for the first time and reveal their identities at the Mullasseri Mana to make a short film. Tapas Menon (Amit Chakkalakkal) – the director of the movie – leads the team while Ramanand aka Mangalasseri Neelakandan (Sidhartha Siva),  Karuthamma aka Anu (Durga Krishna), Chathiyan Chandu aka Jophin (Dain Davis) and Shahrukh Khan aka Neeru (Saniya Iyyappan) join him later for the shoot. They meet mentalist John Don Bosco (Jayasurya) who is staying there for ayurvedic treatment. From the first day, the team experiences some paranormal activities in the premises, which gets John involved in search of the spirit. He realizes that the powerful spirit is following the team who are shooting at the Mana. He takes one step at a time to identify the spirit, its backstory, the reason behind its revenge and more, while the rest of the team support him with the cause.

What Works:

Pretham 2 is an out-and-out thriller with many nail-biting scenes. Jayasurya has maintained the strengths of a mentalist without going overboard. The rest of the cast is superb too. Sidhartha Siva and Dain Davis are excellent with their comic timing, which makes the set lighter and laugh-worthy. Sidhartha’s impersonation as Mohanlal makes you crack up all the time and Dain is so natural with his comedy, he is definitely here to stay. Vishu Narayanan’s cinematography and Anand Madhusoodanan’s background music keeps the eerieness of the film intact. The movie narrates the wrongful use of social media, cyber frauds, and its consequences in a very convincing manner. Ranjith Sankar has managed to make the movie watchable without any over-the-top or forced horror scenes.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film uses a lot of premises and references from movies like Aaran Thampuran, Manichithrathazhu, and Devasuram, which does bring a smile on your face but could have been reduced to a few. Dialogues that objectify women, subtle though, may not please many audiences. The movie does not have scary scenes contradictory to its title and that can be a bit of a letdown. There are logical loopholes and glitches; however, that can be ignored with the interesting narrative.

Why You Should Watch:

Pretham 2 has a good underlying message and pleases everyone, regardless of age. It is perfect for a family outing this Christmas.