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Punyalan Private Limited: Film Review – Punyalan Kaathu!

Verdict: Jayasurya shines bright as Joyettan yet again.

Another Ranjith Sankar film has hit the box office and the film is hands down one of the most anticipated Malayalam films of the year. Punyalan Private Limited is produced by the actor-director duo of Ranjith and Jayasurya under the banner Dreams and Beyond. Punyalan Private Limited is the sequel to the massive hit film Punyalan Agarbattis (2013) so obviously, fans would have very high expectations from this film. But did this film live up to all the expectations? Let’s find out.



What’s Punyalan Private Limited About:

The sequel picks up from where the prequel left off, the only thing different is that Joyettan’s (Jayasurya) once successfully running factory – Punyalan Agarbattis that made incense sticks from elephant dung has been seized by the bank and Joy is forced out of his company. Joy being an entrepreneur who is always on a hunt for innovative and new ideas comes up with a new product which is Punyalan Velam (water) made out of…yes, you guessed it right, elephant urine! How he, along with his friends-cum-employees, face the hurdles that are in front of them and the product is what forms the story.

What Works:

Jayasurya reprises his role as Joyettan and delivers a brilliant performance yet again. Styled in kurta and mundu, Jayasurya slays it as Joy Thakkolkkaran. The comedy in the film is great too, thanks to the incredible comic performances of Abhaya (Sreejith Ravi), Advocate Peer Thanesh (Dharmajan Bolgatty) and others. Aju Varghese is present in the film but only through Skype calls which was interesting. Vijayaraghavan as the inadequate CM gives a good performance. The film discusses various issues rampant in our society and the government's inadequacy in solving them. How a common man Joy takes on the system and its flaws works, but partially.

What Could Have Been Better:

The film will naturally be compared to its prequel, which was a hilarious film. And it did not create the same magic as its predecessor did. The film’s plot deals with social injustice and how Joy takes on it but the way it was dealt with could have been much better. The film feels a bit stretched with lengthy dialogues that were meant to hit you hard. Mind you, some dialogues like what Joy says about the national anthem do hit you hard. Though not a new statement, it was refreshing to hear a Malayalam film’s take on the issue.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Joyettan won’t disappoint you. If you are one among the many Malayalees who were waiting since 2013 for Joyettan and gang, head right to a cinema hall near you. Don’t you want to know what Joyettan is up to now? So, what are you waiting for, go on, book your tickets right away.