Verdict: A light-hearted movie that will appeal to cricket lovers.

Right at the start, the narrator’s voice claims that Sachin is not a movie just about cricket but is about that person whose life revolves around cricket. True to that, this film deals with the lives of a group of youngsters who live and breathe the game. Directed by Santhosh Nair, Dhyan Sreenivasan essays the titular role. Produced by Jude Agnel Sudhir and Juby Ninan, the movie is scripted by S.L. Puram Jayasurya. The cast includes Anna Rajan, Aju Varghese, Hareesh Kanaran, Ramesh Pisharody, Maniyanpilla Raju, Renji Panicker, Maala Paravati, Sarath Appani, and Juby Ninan. Shaan Rahman has composed the music while the background score is rendered by Gopi Sundar.

What’s Sachin About:

Sachin (Dhyan Sreenivasan) was born on a day when Sachin Tendulkar scored a century during an India-Pakistan game. Just like his namesake, Sachin’s life revolves around cricket. He joins a cricket club led by Jerry (Aju Varghese), thus enhancing his skills. Later, he meets Anjali (Anna Rajan) and sparks fly but she is the sister of the rival cricket club captain Shyne (Ramesh Pisharody). How love finds a way around these hurdles forms the backbone of Sachin.

What Works:

At its core, Sachin is a light-hearted movie chock-a-block with repartees and witty one-liners. Dhyan Sreenivasan performs well as the cricket-loving youngster. Anna Rajan plays a character who is sure of herself, unlike Sachin, adding great contrast to their chemistry. Aju Varghese, Ramesh Pisharody, Sarath Appani, and Hareesh Kanaran deserve special mention for their comic timing. Maniyanpilla Raju and Renji Panicker play fathers to the lead pair with elan. The background score and music is better than what you’d expect. The camera work is decent and has hordes of picturesque scenes to convey the charm of a small town.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The plot falls short in some portions, thus taking away from the narrative’s ability to make a convincing point. The emotions conveyed by the lead characters do not hit the right emotions every time.

Why You Should Watch:

This film is not an edge-of-the-seat thriller or a tear-jerker. It is a simple feel-good story of a man with a passion for his sport. But Sachin surely is a fun-filled movie that is peppered with giggle-worthy moments and it promises you a good time.

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