Verdict: A great concept that lacks substance.

The Bejoy Nambiar Malayalam directorial debut Solo released all over India on the 5th of October. Nambiar is known for his filmmaking brilliance and the proof of this is his Bollywood films – Wazir and Shaitan, and Tamil movie David. With such a remarkable filmography you would expect nothing short of brilliance from the man. And rightly so. But has Nambiar managed to meet these expectations? Let’s find out.

What's It About:
Solo is an anthology which means that Dulquer plays four different roles in the four segments of the film. A very different concept, right? Dulquer Salmaan plays the role of Shekar – a college student, Trilok – a Veterinarian, Shiva – an angry young gangster and Rudry – an army officer. Solo is all about four different tales with Dulquer Salmaan playing four different avatars. The concept of lost love is definitely the foreground in all the four segments. But has the director managed to convincingly showcase it? At times, yes.

Solo - BookMyShowWhat Works:
Dulquer Salmaan is an actor who is only improving with every film. And this film helps him showcase his skills. Be it as a stammering Shekhar or an outspoken army man Rudra, he excels in getting in the skin of the required character. The third segment of Shiva is definitely one of the most engrossing tale and makes you wonder why this was not made into a standalone movie. World of Trilok is right behind it in terms of engrossment and interest. The film is visually rich and keeps you hooked. The Bejoy-Dulquer combo should definitely do more films because they surely complement each other’s craft. Neha Sharma as Rudra’s Akshara does a fairly good job. She definitely gets all the good dialogues in the film as compared to the other female protagonists – Dhansika (Radhika), Sruthi Hariharan (Ruku) and Arthi Venkatesh (Ayesha). Govind Menon as Shiva’s friend and Soubin as Shekhar's friend have done a splendid job.

What Could Have Been Better:
The last tale i.e. the world of Rudra has a really strange end which led to a section of audience laughing hysterically for the next five minutes. The director here, obviously did not intend to make it comical but because of how inappropriately the strange tale unravels the world of Rudra becomes slightly bizarre. If only, this could have been foreseen by the director, we wish.

Dialogue delivery and dialogues are the aspects that could have been much better. For instance, forcing non-Malayalee actors/characters to mouth Malayalam dialogues is something that is not needed. This makes every scene look comical. The last segment – World of Rudra is full of clichés. If you are a gang of army friends you will definitely have a "Sardar buddy", right? Wrong. This is exactly what it feels like when Hollywood directors forcibly put a sardar in the background of any scene involving India/Indians. Shiva’s segment too was not explained completely. For instance, what exactly happens between his parents? That is a huge part of the story that the filmmaker leaves out for the audience to conclude.

Why You Should Watch:
The film has a different and interesting concept that is touched upon very rarely. Dulquer Salmaan gives it his all and his performance is effortless coupled with beautiful transformations from one role to another. You should definitely watch the film this weekend with your family.

If you are still not convinced, these five reasons should do the trick!