Verdict: This Mammootty starrer has all the elements to entertain everyone.

Cinematographer Shamdat Sainudeen has made his directorial debut through Street Lights and has just proved that he is here to stay. Street Lights, produced by Mammootty himself under the banner Playhouse has him in the lead role supported by Soubin Shahir, Lijomol, Nandu, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Kanaran Hareesh, Joy Mathew, Rony David, and Stunt Silva is about a cop’s plight to solve a theft mystery. This movie is Mammootty’s first in 2018, and fans have high expectations in it. Does he live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

What's Street Lights About:

Inspector James (Mammootty) is on a secret mission with two other colleagues of his. Though it starts off as James helping his uncle (Joy Mathew) get his diamond necklace back, which is worth 5 crores, it is eventually revealed that he has another motive, which is nothing but to get hold of the thief. Throughout the movie, we get introduced to various characters – Raj (Kanaran Hareesh) and Sachee (Dharmajan Bolgatty) who help Murukan (Stunt Silva) a native of Tamil Nadu steal the necklace without even knowing his criminal background, Soubin’s unrequited love and his unsuccessful attempts to woo Lijomol, a schoolboy Mani who does part-time job to make enough money to gift himself a school bag and take care of family expenses –everyone has their own significance in the movie. With a direct or indirect involvement of all these characters, James and his team are on a run to catch Murukan. Whether they succeed or not is the plot of the movie.

What Works:

Mammootty excels as a cop and has proved once again that no one can handle police roles with such ease as him. The movie does not have a heroine and there is no unnecessary romantic track or over-the-top drama that deviates the story. Soubin, Dharmajan and Hareesh score with their subtle humor. The music by debutant Adarsh Abraham is pretty good and the background score goes really well with the movie. Stunt Silva does an amazing job as the protagonist. The plot is very simple, yet it keeps you engaged throughout. Being bilingual, the Rajnikanth references and even a direct reference to Mammootty and the movie Thalapathy would definitely make the Tamil audience applaud.

What Could Have Been Better:

The title has no relation to the story. We would have loved to see more of Rony David and Joy Matthew.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Mammootty as a cop is a treat to watch. If you are someone who loves some action and very little drama, book tickets for you and your family for Street Lights and head to the cinema hall near you right away!

– Written by Devisree Jayakumari