Verdict: – Ithu Bhayangara Taste Aanu!
Sunday Holiday is the latest Malayalam film to have released this Friday. Starring Asif Ali and Aparna Balamurali in the lead role, this rom-com is directed by Jis Joy. This is the second film for the director whose debut movie as a filmmaker was the 2015 released Bicycle Thieves which also starred Asif Ali in the lead. Let’s find out what this film is all about.

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The story of the film revolves around Unni Mukundan (Sreenivasan), a college lecturer who for the longest time dreams of having a story penned by him played out on the big screen. But sadly, no movie Producer or Director lends Unni Mukundan an ear. Though dejected, Unni Mukundan belives in never giving up. Soon, an opportunity pops up when Unni gets to know that Producer David Paul (Lal Jose) has been admitted to a hospital. Sensing this as the right time to pitch his story, Unni Mukundan lands up at the hospital where despite being asked by Doctor Sreedhandya (Asha Sarath) not to bother David, Unni Mukundan somehow manages to get David interested in his story.

As Unni Mukundan starts narrating the story, Asif Ali’s character Amal and Aparna’s character Anu are introduced to us. The story begins with Amal, a resident of Payyanur leaving his home and moving to Ernakulam for a job, but, the real reason for him moving to Ernakulam is to help himself deal with a heartbreak. In Ernakulam, Amal meets Anu who should not be mistaken for a simple girl, she has too many secrets (not scary ones) that will be revealed through various situations as the story progresses. This is where he also meets Rahul (Dharmajan Bolgatty), Naakutti (Siddique), Binu (Sudheer Karamana) and many others. And by many others, we mean a whole lot of them. This is one of the major areas where the film falters a little. The film has too many exceptional actors with limited scope.

How Amal and Anu go about their life in Ernakulam and how all the other characters and their backstories weave into this story is amazing to watch. However, the screenplay has its flaws. And with numerous backstories and characters, the director seems to have gotten confused which backstory/character to give more emphasis to.

Talented actors like K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Asha Sarath, Alencier Ley Lopez and Sithara should’ve been definitely given more screen-time. While Dharmajan Bolgatty excels at comedy, Siddique excels at acting as always.

Asif Ali who has had a mixed year so far with some good films and some bad does a good job acting in this film. The lead actress Aparna whose last film was the hit Tamil movie 8 Thottakal keeps getting better with each film. The chemistry between the lead pair is interesting to watch and we will soon get to see this pair once again in their next project Thrissivaperoor Kliptham releasing this year.

To know what inspired Unni Mukundan to pen this story, you will have to watch Sunday Holiday. The final twist will definitely make everyone smile wide.

The cinematography was handled well by Alex J Pulickal who gives us few beautiful shots of Cochin. The song Prajandanam is the only song you will remember after you leave the theater. 
Why You Should Watch This Film:
If you want some laughter and lighter moments this weekend, you should definitely go for this film.