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Suvarna Purushan : Film Review – A Tribute to Lalettan Fans

Verdict: Sunil Puveily’s directorial debut has all the elements to excite Lalettan fans.

Suvarna Purushan may not have big stars to boast of, but the presence of Mohanlal throughout the movie is enough to give any fan goosebumps. Directed by debutant Sunil Puveily, the movie is produced by Jees Lazar and Litty George and has an ensemble cast of InnocentLenaSasi KalingaSreeejith RaviSunil SukhadaPradeep Kottayam, and Bijukuttan. The movie portrays the enthusiasm of Mohanlal fans in Irinjalakuda, as 'Pulimurugan' hits the theatres. 

Suvarna Purushan Review - BookMyShow

What’s Suvarna Purushan About:

The movie explores all that OP Rappayi AKA OPR (Innocent) sees and experiences on the day of Pulimurugan’s release at the Mary Matha Theatre, where he works as the Operator. A day before the release, the die-hard Mohanlal fan OPR decides to quit his 50-year-old career as a film operator at Mary Matha, owned by Kunjumary (Lena), and wants his assistant (Sreejith Ravi) to step into his shoes. Meanwhile, we are introduced to many more Lalettan fans, who would do anything to watch their hero onscreen. The line up includes prostitutes, transgenders, goons, drunkards, older women, children, Bengali workers, and even a blind man. Then come the rivals of Kunjumary and Mary Matha, who want to wreak havoc at the theatre. Each character’s view of their hero, Lalettan, and the influence he has in society make up the rest of the plot.

What Works:

The movie has many socially relevant moments, the most notable being how Venkateshwaran (Manu) comes to rescue of two transgender women by calling them his sisters. The background score and music go well with the plot. Cinematography and editing are decent. The director has successfully captured the mannerism and slang of Iranjalikuda. Innocent and Lena have also done their parts well.

What Could've Been Better:

There are some emotional scenes and dialogues that could have been avoided as they do not go well with the situation. Being a Lalettan fan, it is understandable that the characters bring up his name often, but the audience might feel this has been overdone. Some characters like Pradeep Kottayam and Sinoj Varghese don't seem to have much relevance to the plot, and Manu' character as the blind man falls flat.

Why You Should Watch:

Suvarna Purushan is an out-and-out movie for Mohanlal fans. There are many moments relatable to Lalettan lovers and is a must watch for them.

By Devisree Jayakumari