Verdict: The story of Thanneermathan Dinangal is fresh, funny, relatable, and super sweet.

Thanneermathan Dinangal is a romantic comedy written by Gireesh A. D. and Dinoy Poulose. Directed by Gireesh A. D. himself, this film is jointly produced by Jomon T John, Shameer Muhammed, and Shebin Backer under the banners Plan J Studios and Shebin Backer Productions respectively. The film stars Mathew Thomas, Anaswara Rajan and Vineeth Sreenivasan in lead roles. The music is composed by Justin Varghese and the cinematography is handled by Vinod Illampally and Jomon T John. Thanneermathan Dinangal is a funny tale revolving around a higher secondary student named Jaison and the obstacles he faces in life.

What’s Thanneermathan Dinangal About:

Jaison (Mathew Thomas) joins the Science department of St. Sebastian’s School in Gothuruth. After facing slight difficulties, he somehow manages to make a few friends. Meanwhile, he develops feelings for his classmate Keerthi (Anaswara Rajan) but she rejects him. In fact, she seems to be fascinated by the new Malayalam teacher Ravi Padmanabhan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) whom Jaison despises. Now the entire school is in awe of Ravi, except for Jaison. So with his two problems – Ravi Padmanabhan’s taunting and Keerthi’s rejection – he has many sleepless nights. Now he must tackle them both one by one.

What Works:

The first and the most impressive factor about Thanneermathan Dinangal is its performances. The actors are so realistic and natural in their portrayal that they don’t seem to be acting in but living through the movie. The boys are exceptional; Malayalam cinema surely gets some real talent to look out for through this film. Mathew Thomas nails his role as Jaison with his flawless acting and wit. Anaswara is good too and Vineeth Sreenivasan gives a stunning performance through a character that is totally different from his usual outings. Justin Varghese’s music is beautiful, especially Jathikkathottam, which is already a sensation now. The visuals are stunning too, all thanks to Jomon T John and Vinod Illampally. The witty dialogues are another highlight of the movie. They are simple, relatable and natural, without any vulgarity. The old school romance is refreshing to watch. On the whole, Thanneermathan Dinangal is a well-directed and beautifully performed entertainer and the director Gireesh A. D. has done a fabulous job.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Although the script, performances, and dialogues of the film are to the tee, the flow becomes slightly weak towards the end. It gets lengthy too, without a well-thought last few minutes. The climax, however, catches up with the beat of the film.

Why You Should Watch:

Thanneermathan Dinangal is a beautifully made movie with some absolutely brilliant performances. It is a feel-good entertainer with good music and wit that keeps you hooked throughout. Its entertaining possibilities are not restricted and can be enjoyed by people of any age. For adults, it would be a nostalgic affair. So go book your tickets now and enjoy a beautiful romance.

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