Children's films are always a delight to watch and one such delightful film that was screened at JIO MAMI Mumbai Festival, 2017 was the Malayalam movie Athisayangalude Venal (The Summer of Miracles). Directed by Prasanth Vijay, the film was selected for the India Story segment of the festival. The film is simply astonishing with a great script and incredible performances.

Background and Story:
The plot revolves around a nine-year-old boy named Anand (Chandra Kiran) who is fondly called Anu. The young boy is obsessed with the idea of being invisible ever since his father vanishes one day. He does everything he can to attain this 'power' be it drinking strange potions or playing with electricity. His mother played by Reina Maria tries hard to make him understand which only pushes him more to attain the power of invisibility. While he is struggling to be invisible and his mother and others struggle to stop him from harming himself in the process enters Gayathri (Arya Manikandan) his teenage cousin with a secret of her own.
Initially, Gayathri seemed like any other teenage girl undergoing coaching to crack an entrance exam but that is not the case. Gayathri's secret and Anu's quest to find other people with similar powers makes them join hands for solving Anu's mystery. In the process, Anu and Gayathri form a bond but it is shortlived as Anu's fantasy world creates problems in solving the mystery. But does Anu manage to become invisible and how his loved ones deal with his imaginary world is what the film deals with partly. The film also deals with online stalking. How you ask? You will have to watch to find out.

Why You Should Watch:

The Summer of Miracles is filled with incredible performances. The child actor Chandra Kiran is absolutely amazing to watch portraying the role of an odd kid Anu. The director manages to show us what a nine-year-old kid in a fantasy world would behave like without exaggerating. Chandra Kiran definitely has a bright future ahead of him and we would love to see him in more such meaningful films. The other two very notable performances were delivered by Reina Maria and Arya Manikandan who held their own ground in a movie where the child was the protagonist. The film shows us that as kids, we are easily influenced by those who have the power to shape our beliefs in a way they deem fit. But Anu's character questions all these beliefs and notions even if it means to question the very existence and purpose of a God. Kudos to the director for having done this so brilliantly.
What You Should Watch Next:

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