Verdict: Vinayakan shines in this visually stunning entertainer. 

Thottappan is a drama film written by P. S. Rafeeque based on Francis Noronha’s eponymous short storyThe film is directed by Shanavas K Bavakutty and produced by Devadas Kadancheri and Shailaja Manikandan. You get to see Vinayakan in and as Thottappan along with a stellar star cast that includes Roshan Mathew, Manoj K JayanLalPriyamvada Krishnan, and Dileesh PothanSet in an island village, the film narrates a unique bond between a godfather and his goddaughter. 

What’s Thottappan About:

Ithaq (Vinayakan) and Josappan (Dileesh Pothan) are thick friends, notorious for robbery. The day before Josappan’s daughter and Ithaq’s goddaughter Sara’s baptism, Josappan goes missing. He is last seen with a man who wants to make a deal with Ithaq and Josappan for their latest robbery. Ever since Ithaq dedicates his life to his goddaughter. Now a teenager Sara (Priyamvada Krishnan) is a gritty girl who doesn’t fear anybody but loves her ‘Thottappan’ deeply. While they lead a normal and peaceful life, a new character enters the fray. Ismail aka Ismu (Roshan Mathew) has come to the island looking for work and has a history of robbery. He joins hands with Ithaq as the latter sees shades of Jonappan in Ismu and also decides to get Sara married to him. Everyone is happy until one day, Ismu finds his missing father and all hell breaks loose.  

What Works:

The plot of the movie is very raw and the actors have managed to perform realistically. Vinayakan, as expected, is brilliant. His character is rustic and gritty and the actor portrays it well. Newcomer Priyamvada is a talent to look forward to. Roshan Mathew has been improving and is here to stay. Leela Girish Kuttan’s music is soothing and peaceful while Justin Varghese’s background score is interesting and gels well with the film. P S Rafeeque has scripted Francis Noronha’s story well and Shanavas has beautifully given life to the characters. The night shots are well captured and the island looks beautiful, thanks to cinematographer Suresh Rajan and editor Jithin Manohar. Overall, Thottappan is a well-made movie. 

What Could’ve Been Better:

Thottappan is slow paced, which may not be pleasing to some audiences. A couple of songs could have been avoided. While the makers have roped in actors like Manoj K Jayan and Lal, there is no scope for them to perform, which is disappointing. 

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Thottappan for some amazing performances. The film has a strong plot and some realistic characters. It is a treat to watch Vinayakan perform so effortlessly and above all, watch Thottappan for a great cinematic experience.

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