Verdict:  Mammootty shines as Uncle, but it is Muthumani who steals the show.

After Shutter, Joy Mathew is back again with a soulful script. Uncle is Mammootty’s latest film where he portrays the role of the protagonist. The movie is directed by debutant Girish Damodhar and produced by Joy Mathew and Sajai Sebastian under the banners ABRA Films International and SJ Films. Uncle also stars Karthika Muralidharan, Muthumani, KPAC Lalitha, Suresh Krishna, Kailash, Meghanathan, and Ganapathy. This road movie is shot across Ooty, Wayanad, and Kozhikode.

What’s Uncle About:

Sruthi (Karthika) is stuck at Ooty as her college and hostel are shut due to a strike. On her way to find transportation to her home in Kozhikode, she stumbles upon Krishna Kumar Menon aka KK (Mammootty), a close friend of her father. He offers her a lift and that’s where the story begins. When Vijayan (Joy Mathew), Sruthi’s father, learns about this development, he becomes disturbed as KK has the image of a womanizer in his friend circle and he is worried about his daughter’s safety. His wife, Lekshmi (Muthumani), unaware of KK’s reputation, stays calm. At one point in time during the journey, even Sruthi gets skeptical about KK’s intentions. The journey finally puts both of them in an unexpected situation.

What Works:

Mammootty is a charmer throughout the movie. It is, in fact, a treat to watch him play KK with ease. Each and every actor has done justice to their roles. Joy Mathew excels as a concerned father. Karthika is excellent as the cute, innocent 17-year-old girl. Muthumani steals the show as a bold and beautiful mother. Ganapathy and KPAC Lalitha add humor to the movie. Alagappan does a fab job with his camera and the locations are highly picturesque. Bijipal’s music and score are decent; Mammootty as a playback singer adds a delightfully surprise element. Some dialogs touch you, prick you, and also make you think about modern mentality. The movie is socially relevant and delivers a great message to the audience. The last 30 minutes are the soul of the movie.

What Could've Been Better:

The movie is slow-paced and there are times when you wonder where the narrative is heading. You also feel clueless about the relevance of KPAC Lalitha and Kailash’s characters, until much later.

Why You Should Watch:

We are living in an age where we trust people blindly, fail to understand the trustworthy ones, judge too fast, and often behave like the torch-bearers of morality. Uncle gives us extremely relevant messages on all of the above. If you are someone who wants to know or wants to show what actually happens when a man and a woman spend time together, Uncle is for you.

 – By Devisree Jayakumari